Friday, February 23, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - The Spring-Like Week

Saturday, Lindsey had her first all day training session for the John Lewis Society.  She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the remaining training sessions.  She won't get her costume until she's finished training (April) and worked 3 actual days at the museum.  It should be around mid May when she's done with all of that.   While she was there, Olivia and I worked the concessions stand at a sporting event to raise funds for our Haiti trip.   I've never cooked so many burgers and fries in my life!!

Sunday after church the girls went snow tubing with their youth group.  Since the temperatures have been so warm, I was wondering if there would be any snow left, but there was.   Fortunately, it was warm enough that they didn't have to bundle up like Eskimos, so that made it more fun as well.   While they were gone, the husband and I went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and used a gift card I'd won.   Free food is good, but we were not at all impressed with what we got...but I didn't have to cook it or do dishes, so it was a win.

Monday our temperatures continued to soar and we were in the high 70's.   This is definitely not what Virginia is supposed to be like in February, but it has been nice to open up the windows and get fresh air in the house.    We had regular lessons on Monday.   Lindsey's school day is getting shorter now that her classes are starting to wrap up.   She's been working on her knitting in her spare time.   She also had her two hour 4H sewing class in the evening.

Tuesday was again in the high 70's.   Olivia finished up her Civics today, and Lindsey completed her study of the Renaissance and Reformation period.  The kids got in some outside time with the dog midday.  Once schoolwork was finished and dinner complete, I headed out to a fundraiser meeting and Tom took the girls to their archery class.     At bedtime, Olivia and I started our typhoid immunization pills...I hate putting that stuff in my body.  There are only 4 pills, taken every other day, but still, bleck.

Wednesday we hit 80 degrees!  Check out that open window behind Olivia.  The breeze was lovely and I'm trying desperately to fight the urge to go work in the flower beds.  I know this is just a teaser week and winter will return soon enough. 
Thursday was nice weather wise.  Our schedule got a bit off track because they scheduled basketball team photos at 2:30 (the season ended two weeks ago, and everyone has turned in their uniforms).  We had to break midday to drive over to the school for that, then I took Olivia shopping for new athletic shoes and ran Lindsey by to get her nails done again.   Then it was home for a late finish for our academics.   Olivia started her unit study of American in WWII, and has been spending lots of time on her new project.

Friday we had co-op.   There's been more stress/drama in this area this year than I care to think about.  Something is going to have to change drastically if we continue next year, which is unfortunate since it's a great group for the most part.

How was your week?  Did the warm temperatures tease you as well?  

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  1. Looks like a busy week, coop drama is not fun. How it settles down for you

  2. Crazy warm temps her in NC. We enjoyed them, but all the old timers say warm weather like this in February means a blizzard in March. I hope that isn't the case.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. The temperatures have been such a tease and I warned my boys they wouldn't last! I just know we can still get snow into April or even May at times (and usually the years that I think spring is going to come early too).

  4. Brutal ice/sleet/snow/rain/fog for us this week! We've been indoors more than any other week this whole school year!

    Here's to peace in your co-op. We had some struggles a year or so ago in our dance co-op, but it has all settled down.


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