Monday, August 5, 2013

Fresh Air–Day 1

Our Fresh Air Fund  child arrived last week and we’ve been having so much fun with her.  It’s been interesting watching Ty`Nique experience new things, things that we take for granted.  It’s also been great seeing how the three girls have bonded and how Olivia and Lindsey take time to explain about things that are new to our guest.

The bus was a bit late arriving on drop off day.  We still had time to get a trip in to the Frontier Culture Museum.  Olivia was at her youth group meeting, so she didn’t go on this excursion.

Our first stop was the African Village. 


Getting her to go in the exhibits proved to be a challenge.  This was as far as she made it.


Going in the English and German houses was out, not sure why she wouldn’t go in, but she did like the Irish farm.  She really enjoyed the spinning wheel and hearing about flax processing.


The Indian village was more popular.


The American farms weren’t a big hit either.  I think the sheep and goats roaming freely were the issue here.  I’ve found our friend isn’t a fan of animals.  We did stop outside one of the log cabins long enough to listen to a story and check out the tobacco field.



Back home and having some silly girl time before bed.


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