Friday, March 20, 2015

Weekly Wrap Up–Box Day!

We are currently studying World War II, and I was thrilled to find that there was a live performance of the play “The Diary of Anne Frank” being held in our community.   We all went to see the play on Saturday night and it was a huge hit.   We weren’t allowed to take photos.   On the way home Olivia asked “Mom, when can we go to the library, I need to read that book.”   I picked it up for her on Monday and she has devoured it.

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day.   I realize that  I’ve been a bit remiss in covering some of the lesser holidays.  My kids were stunned to know you would get pinched if not wearing green, and were oh-so-happy when daddy came home and they were able to pinch the dickens out of him.  

Our homeschool group had a St. Patty’s Day party, so I decided that would be our first step into all things green.  There was a lovely photo booth, games, prizes and more sugary snacks than you can shake a stick at.   It was a great party, and while we didn’t “study” St. Patrick, at least they do know to wear green every year.


Box day was also on Tuesday!!    Can’t you just hear the angelic choir singing the hallelujah chorus as you look at this box of educational goodness?    Lindsey said “That’s a lot of school books.”  Imagine the look on her face when I told her some are on back order and will be shipped later.  (heh heh heh)


We built a solar oven this week.  Unfortunately the day we made it we had rain all day, so we’ll be giving it a try over the weekend, but it looks lovely, no?


The girls have a ballet performance this weekend, so our ballet schedule has been a bit different, and there was no basketball or cheer this week.   How was your week?

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