Monday, July 22, 2013

Impressions Theatre–Product Review

Impressions Theatre is a traveling company that produces and performs educational theatre for young students. The producers recently asked our family to review their newest release Clue’s Energy Adventure.

In this 30 minute DVD, your kids will learn the definition of energy, the forms of energy and how to conserve energy (woohoo for conserving energy!!).

My kids were laughing pretty much the entire time they watch Clue’s Energy Adventure.  Inspector Clue is a bit of a misfit inspector, having many an accident in his travels.

To be honest, I didn’t think the girls would remember (read: learn) anything because they were laughing so hard.   I was pleasantly surprised when my 7 year old marched into the kitchen and told me the definition of energy…and then they combined efforts and went on to list the forms of energy.  We’re still working on conserving energy…since nobody around here knows how to turn the lights out when leaving a room, ahem.

An added bonus for us is the fact that the DVD was filmed here in our town, so the kids are having a blast spotting different places they know and love.

Not only does Impressions Theatre sell DVD’s, they will come to your school and perform/teach!  The team has already performed in schools in Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania and are always on the look out for new opportunities in both the public/private and homeschool sectors.

DVD’s are $10 plus shipping. 

Be sure to “like” Impressions Theatre on Facebook so you can keep up with their traveling schedule.

Other show titles from Impressions Theatre are The Dinosaur Rock, Anansi the Spider, Night at the Library and The Pirates of the Chesapeake.


We received a free copy of this DVD for review purposes only. We received no other compensation, nor were we required to write a positive review.

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