Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Haiti - Day 2

Our second day in Haiti was July 5.   We got up early and met with our team of interpreters, did a few team building activities together and then headed out to work with the boys from Revelator International.  We met with the boys in the courtyard of a church, and began to work on some team builders/get to know you projects while the volleyball net was being set up.
This group of boys are so much fun!  They were a little shy at first, but it didn't take long for them to warm up.    Like all teen boys, once sports were introduced they were all in!

In addition to volleyball, the ministry focus for this trip was to teach on prayer.   Session 1 focused on different types of prayer and how to pray for others.  Session 2 was how to pray for the sick.  Session 3 was how to pray and lead someone to the Lord.

The four coaches (Molly, Abby, Olivia and I) spent the first volleyball coaching session teaching the boys how to bump and pass the volleyball (photo below).   Once we felt they were all pretty comfortable with this skill we had scrimmages.   It didn't take us very long to see that we have some really amazing, natural ability to work with!

Once we finished our scrimmages and had a much needed water break, we gathered together for worship.  Lakin and Tre' then did a great teaching on the fundamentals of prayer.    We headed back to our hotel and took the boys with us for lunch and swimming.  Our sandwich making team cranked out sandwiches at warp speed, while the boys and the rest of the team hit the pool.
Once lunch was over we all relaxed by the pool waiting for the hottest part of the day to pass.  Once we got by the heat, we loaded back up and headed back to the church to work on our second session of volleyball.   In this session we worked on teaching the boys to set, and strengthened their passing skills.
 For our second prayer session, Olivia and I taught on ministering to the sick.   After we taught the boys how to pray, we spent time praying for those who needed healing.

We followed up our ministry time with a few fun songs and some dancing.   Late in the evening the team said goodbye to the boys and we headed back to our hotel for the night to rest and get ready for the next day of ministry.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Haiti- Day 1

This trip was Olivia's first experience being in a large airplane (and large airports), and her first time out of country.    She had a window seat in each plane and I enjoyed watching her experience so many firsts.  The twelve us us flew out from Reagan National in DC early on July 4.  We had a lay over in Orlando and met up with the last two members of our team, they had flown in from California.  We arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti late in the afternoon on July 4.   It didn't take long to get to where we were staying from the airport.

We spent our first evening getting settled.    Our focus this trip, in addition to ministering, was to host volleyball clinics at three different orphanages in Haiti.   While the rest of the team went to the nearby market to pick up supplies, Olivia and I stayed behind and got things ready for the next day.   We inflated volleyballs and beach balls, got the volleyball net and cones gathered up and made sure we had everything in one central location to load.

Once the team was back, we had our fist Haitian meal (beans, rice and goat) as a group.   We had a group devotional and then had the evening to relax.    The guest house we stayed at had a wonderful, guitar shaped pool out back, so that's where we all headed.
Thankfully, the place we were staying has added air conditioning to several of the rooms.  The 6 bunk room that Olivia and I were in was one with AC.   Our shower didn't work, so the 14 of us shared the two remaining showers.     A cold shower in Haiti in July is a wonderful thing!

Day 1 was pretty low key.   Don't let that fool you, in less than 48 hours everything changes.
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Friday, July 13, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Home From Haiti

Just a quick update to let all my readers know that yes, we are home from Haiti.    Yes we were under lock down  for the majority of our time in country, yes we were ordered to shelter in place and yes, we were part of the "American Missionaries Stranded In Haiti"....but this was the absolute best mission trip I've EVER been on.   I'll be sharing more about our trip in weeks to come.    But for now, know that God truly is a "Good Good Father"!!!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Happy July!

Happy Friday everyone!!   Olivia and I are in Haiti and our trip is already half way over.   If you think of us these next few days, please continue to pray for us and the children we are impacting.   We'll be heading home on July 11 and I'll be sharing about our trip when we get back.

Have a great weekend!!
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Friday, June 29, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Camp Week

You ever notice how some thoughts just pop into your brain out of nowhere?  I had just laid down to sleep at about 11:30 Friday night when the thought suddenly hit me that I haven't had any comments on the blog in a long time.    I held onto that thought until sometime Saturday when I went in to check and found several months worth of comments that I'd never gotten the notifications for.   I published all of the comments, and finally got all of them answered.  My apologies to those of you who've been faithfully commenting and stopping by.

I noticed too, based on a couple of comments, that I apparently hadn't explained a thought process very well way back in May.   When I said I was going to have to contemplate on whether to continue, I was referring to blogging and all these crazy new stipulations that keep getting added.   I in no way meant I was thinking about quitting homeschooling, that's a non negotiable thing for us.

Monday morning the girls left for youth camp for the week.   We had our traditional extra girl, and our traditional homemade Belgian waffles with Nutella and whipped cream for breakfast before they left.   YUM!!     Once I dropped everyone off I made quick work of my things to do list and then went out to lunch and did a little shopping.   

The youth group leaders have been great about posting daily photos of the kids, so I'll sprinkle a few of those throughout my post, since I've done nothing photo worthy on my own.    The kids are assigned team colors at youth, and Olivia is on light blue.   I see they put her artistic skills to work to create their team flag (below).

Tuesday I worked on lesson plans, and revamped a few things about fall subjects.   Co-op classes are going to be a no go since we lost yet another teacher/family....this one enrolled in a private Christian school for the upcoming year.   It left a hole in middle school students and teachers that I just couldn't fill, and I've backed up and punted so many times this year I just don't have it in me to do it again.     The husband and I went out to dinner and then spent the evening inventorying our Haiti donations at the church.

Lindsey is on team yellow.   In the photo below they are playing slip and slide kickball.   The bases are kiddie pools full of water.  You run on sheets of wet plastic and slide into the kiddie pool to get on base.
Wednesday I had lunch with my brother, then I headed out in search of suitcases to transport the Haiti donations.  I ended up with 5 large ones for $10.50, and two other large ones free!  A good, productive day.   Worked on some school things again in the evening.

Thursday was my scrapping day.   I always try to set aside one day during youth camp to get caught up on scrap booking.  I got an early start and then went and got my haircut...then home to finish.    The husband and I used our last gift card (Olive Garden) and went out to dinner again.

Friday....the kids will be returning sometime around noon.  They'll be famished and there will be crazy amounts of laundry to be done.  Then we'll focus on getting everyone rested up and for the next adventure.

How was your week?
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