Friday, November 16, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Veteran's Day and Ice

On Saturday, the girls and I walked downtown to attend our city Veteran's Day Parade.   It was a short parade, but worth standing in the cold for.    Lindsey had an herbal medicine workshop at the museum in the afternoon, and then it was home for a leisurely evening at home.

Sunday was a pretty typical day.  Lindsey ran the sound booth in first service at church, I worked at the Haiti missions table and Olivia worked the youth table.  The husband had to work again, so he missed both services.  The evening was quiet and relaxed, with a big home cooked dinner and nowhere to be.

Monday morning the girls and I were up early to make the several hour trek to Bedford, Virginia to go to the National D-Day Memorial for a field trip.   This was a great experience, and my history love was thrilled to get to be there.  At the end of the ceremony, it began to rain a bit (and it was cold too).  Olivia stood in line for 30 minutes, in heavy rain to get to shake the hands of every single Veteran there.   She has a great respect for our military, flag and country that goes beyond her years.
In the evening we had our monthly 4-H meeting.  The kids all received the project books they ordered and we began working with them on those.   Olivia picked an animal science project book that is VERY deep, and Lindsey is working on a quilting project book.

Tuesday was a typical school day.  I ran downtown to do a couple of holiday errands while the girls worked on their lessons.   There's something about going downtown in the cold that makes me feel so Christmasy....even if it's only to pay our personal property taxes.  In the evening my brother came for dinner and then we all went to view the premier of a documentary called Evolution of America: 1619 to Today.  There were some good tidbits of information in it, but it was completely done from a liberal slant that quite honestly misrepresented some things.   It did make for interesting conversation on the way home.

Wednesday we worked on lessons and I did a few final preparations for the impending ice storm that was supposed to start in the evening/overnight.   I made a preemptive run to the store and picked up the few things that were on my shopping list for Friday, just in case the forecast is real, and then it was life as usual, with dinner and church services in the evening.

Thursday morning around 5am, the ice storm started.   I have to admit, I didn't think it would be an event due to all the horribly wrong weather forecasts we've had over recent months.   The husband left for work 90 minutes early to get ahead of the ice and bad travel conditions.  By 11am, temperatures were still at 31 with sleet, snow and freezing rain coming down all at once.   Lindsey finished up her 1st semester science class (God's Design for Science:  Weather and Water).  I spent the afternoon creating a notebooking journal from online resources for her second semester class (Apologia Anatomy & Physiology).   Lindsey spent the afternoon sewing and working on some Christmas projects.   Olivia has an art assignment to create a watercolor painting of her pet, so she used a photo she took recently and painted him sleeping.

The afternoon was a bit unnerving as we waited for my husband to make the trek home from work in the ice.  It's normally a 15 minute drive for him, it took close to 45 minutes to get home.   There were lots of power outages in our area (34,000 and growing), but thankfully ours only flickered.   We spent the evening playing board games and laughing hysterically.

Friday morning we awoke early to even worse conditions, and you could hear trees breaking.  The husband made the trek to work only to get there and find they were out of power and were closed for the day...a little announcement on tv/radio would have been nice ya'll.  He had to bypass downed trees going and coming, but made it home safely.   Lindsey's museum was also closed for the second day in a row, and our homeschool group bonfire for tonight was cancelled as well.   Once daybreak arrives we'll be able to  assess our trees for damage.

Have a great weekend, stay warm!

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Monday, November 12, 2018

National D-Day Memorial Field Trip

The girls and I were up early this morning to make a several hour drive to Bedford, Virginia to the National D-Day Memorial for their Veteran's Day Program.   It was a wonderful program, with Brigadier General Lapthe Flora as the keynote speaker.   We had a wonderful time walking around the grounds beforehand.   Here are a few of the photos.  I won't bore you with details, they are pretty self explanatory.

There are lots more photos that I didn't post.  But if you are ever in driving distance of the museum, I highly recommend you take advantage of this gem.
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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Veteran's Day Celebration

Our little town has an annual Veteran's Day Parade.  The girls and I walked downtown to watch it and honor our veterans.  The temperatures had dropped and the wind picked up so it was quite cold.  We stood at the very beginning of the parade route, and it took less than 15 minutes for the whole thing to pass by.   We still enjoyed it though.

First up were costumes representing soldiers from WWI, followed by Woodrow Wilson's "Pierce Arrow".

Next up was a women's leadership military group from a local college.

We also had the local military school in formation, retired veterans, marching bands, jeeps and old cars all out to honor our Veteran's.

Special thank you to all the men and women who have served in the military to defend this great country.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Shopping and Volcanoes

I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that we are just two weeks away from Thanksgiving!  Of course, with the time change and the long, dark evenings, it does feel a bit more like winter is on the way.

Monday we were off school to go shopping with a family member.   We traveled a way to go to some new shopping adventures, hello Field & Stream!   Olivia loved this store, and could have spent all day there, but thankfully her need for lunch finally lured her back out into the free world, grins.  We had a good time, and knocked out some Christmas shopping.

Tuesday I got an early morning, surprise call to watch Becca again.  I picked her up and headed out to vote.   I'm still not convinced my vote was counting as I looked at the number when I walked up, and after my ballot went in and it never changed.  I did bring it to the attention of those running the polls and was assured that if the ballot machine "dinged" it counted it, even if the number didn't change.  I don't buy it.

We had a little hands on fun with Lindsey's science curriculum.  She's studying the ocean floor and had a unit on underwater volcanoes.   I decided this would be a fun time to break out our long forgotten Magic School Bus Volcano kit.   A mixture of baking soda, red food dye and a little vinegar is just as much fun in middle school as it is in the early elementary years.

Wednesday was Olivia's final day of treating the dog's ears.   She had to use a medicated rinse, followed by the steroid cream.   He cooperated, but grumbled the whole time, and she rewarded him with some yummy sardines (eeeww).  Hopefully this will be the last ear issue for the year, and even though it's been uncomfortable for him (and my checkbook), it's been a good opportunity for her to get some hands on experience of treating a sick animal.  Regular lessons went smoothly.

Thursday we were up early and out the door for our monthly chiropractor appointments.  Olivia's damaged hip (ballet) still goes in and out of socket a great deal and causes her a lot of discomfort.  We stopped by a discount grocery store while we were out and then came home to knock out a full day of school.

Friday Lindsey put in a full day at the museum and Olivia knocked out even more of her school load.   I'm projecting that she'll be done with her junior year sometime in March/April at this rate.  The temperatures have dropped considerably here and rain has moved in, with snow on the extended forecast already.   We had plans to go downtown to an event tonight, but I'm not thrilled to walk around in a cold rain for several hours.  Instead, I'm making a very homey meal; the last of the green beans from the garden, cooked with ham/onions/butter; baked pumpkin, scalloped potatoes and hamburger steaks with gravy will round out our meal.  I'm thinking game night will be on our agenda.

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekly Wrap Up - Welcome November

We got to spend time with my family this past weekend for our annual Great Pumpkin Party.  We always do a weenie roast and s'mores, along with pumpkin carving and my little pumpkin patch dessert.  It was a fun evening with family.

Monday morning we were up early to head to the girls' 6 month dental appointments.   No cavities or other issues and Lindsey's gag reflex was less trigger happy and they actually got her x-rayed for a change!   We ran a few errands and were home by about 11:30am.  The girls worked on lessons while I took the van to get an oil change.  While getting the oil changed I was told our tires were well beyond their life span, so I made an appointment to get new tires on Tuesday at a different place.   In the evening, the girls had their 4-H officer training session with County wide 4-H leaders.

Tuesday morning I was up early to get the new tires on the van.  Unfortunately, the tire guy found that my front tie rod was broken, sigh.   I made an appointment for that on Wednesday, sigh.   School went pretty smoothly and both girls were done by early afternoon.  Olivia had her fall sports banquet in the evening.  She earned a letter in varsity volleyball and was very excited.
Wednesday was of course Halloween.   We don't really celebrate it as a holiday, but I did pick up several fun size bags of candy in case we have trick-or-treater's, and so the kids don't feel slighted, grins.  Lessons were pretty standard.  Olivia is doing practice ACT's and is scoring really well!  We had church in the evening, and no little goblins came by before we left, so the kids (and hubby) got to have the candy to themselves.

Thursday was a bit cooler and breezy.  Our local library has free pizza and live music the first Thursday of the month, so we went over at noon.  The girls enjoyed the pizza, and the bluegrass.  We were back home a little after 1pm and got all the rest of the school work finished up.  The evening was pretty low key with a trip to the YMCA to work on volleyball skills.

Friday morning we were up early and out the door to drop Lindsey off at work.  Olivia and I headed over to the DMV to begin the long wait for her to take her learner's permit test.   We were in line before 9am, and were there for over 2 hours...but we have a new driver in the house!
Overall, this has been a great week.  Super proud of all the achievements this week, and the hard work that went into each one of those.

Have a great weekend!
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