Friday, December 12, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Stage Week

Stage week is finally here, and by Sunday night Nutcracker madness will all be over until next year.   This year has had some added issues like the head ballet instructor/director was hospitalized, the flu moved through the troop of mice, a child locked in a bathroom and a freak ice storm  caused a few scheduling issues.   However, despite all those hurdles, it’s been a good , but tiring week.   The girls and I have logged in 21 hours at the stage this week….and that’s not including the prop work I’ve done at home and the two performances coming up.   Here’s a few behind the scenes and dress rehearsal sneak peeks for you.





Academics:   Last year I said we were taking all of December off from school.  I didn’t do that, I wish I had.   We’ve been on an abbreviated school day only focusing on math, language arts and piano. 

Lindsey has been working on poetry this month.  She’s been learning about different types of poetry, writing some of her own poems, and copying and illustrating others.   She’s creating a lovely little poetry book of her own; which I’ve failed to photograph…maybe next week.

Olivia’s language arts has her working on a research paper.   Her love of both history and dogs have joined forces and she’s spent untold hours reading and researching about Stubby the War Dog.  I have been really surprised at the amount of time and energy she’s put into this project, and really thrilled by how much information she’s absorbed about World War I in general during this project.


Crafts:  We’ve been working on a few Christmas crafts.   We made a Nativity, a church and a bunch of angels….which then turned into an angelic choir singing above the church, during a live Nativity.


Piano:  You know that scene from “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George Bailey’s daughter is practicing the piano for the Christmas program and he flips out on her?   Yeah….I can relate.   I’ve heard more of “Hark the Herald Angel Sings” this week than ever before in my life. 

Giveaway time!!

In commemorations of Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, I’m hosting a book give away of the book My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook . You only have until midnight December 13 to enter, so don’t delay! 


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Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook–Review & Giveaway

Do you have any military history buffs in your family?  If so, then you NEED this book for your personal library.


My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook – A Nostalgic Collection of Memories, by Bess Taubman is an amazing little reproduction scrapbook with hundreds of old photographs, maps, telegrams, newspaper clippings, hand-typed notes and letters, medals, pins, buttons and treasures from the era.


I can’t begin to tell you how much my family has enjoyed this book.  Olivia is a huge history buff, so the little mementos and factoids are right up her alley.  I’m amazed at how much we’ve all learned from reading and pouring over the photos in this book.  Here are a few sample photos (from the editor with permission to use).





This is one of those books that stays on the coffee table. Guests and family members regularly pick it up, sparking a great dialogue on history.  By far this is one of the favorite books we have in our collection.


In honor of Pearl Harbor (and with today being December 7), I’m giving away one (1) free copy of My Pearl Harbor Scrapbook -  A Nostalgic  Collection of Memories.   To enter, simply leave a comment below, and be sure you leave a way for me to contact you.   The give away ends at midnight on December 13, and I’ll draw a random winner on December 14.   Winner will be notified by email, and must respond within 48 hours.


I was given a free copy of this book for review purposes only. I received no other compensation, nor was I required to write a positive review.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Trees, Nutcracker and Life

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families.   We were in jeopardy of having our Thanksgiving plans being cancelled due to snow.  Luckily our 8 inches of snow last Wednesday was cleared from the roads by early Thursday and we were on our way.


We worked on our Christmas decorating over the Thanksgiving break as well.    The day before the snow, I changed out the fall garden flags and raised the Nutcracker banner.


The girls put up their little white and blue classroom tree.


We put our antique/outdoorsy tree in the sunporch.


The “fancy” tree is up in the “formal living room”.   Like there’s really anything “formal” at our house.


This week has been fun.   We’ve been on two field trips.  One was to the Spoils of War Museum, and the other was to a veterinarian clinic.  We’ve also worked on math and language arts each day.  The December homeschool schedule is very abbreviated.

Nutcracker stage week is next week.  This means really long rehearsals, lots of makeup and lots of stress.  Our head ballet facilitator and creative genius, Ms. Pam, was hospitalized this week, and may not make it out of the hospital this coming week.   This has added an amazingly big kink in things, but the ballet team/family is rallying and the show will go on!  Prayers, for Ms. Pam’s recovery would be greatly appreciated.

Tonight we are SUPPOSED to go to a live production of A Christmas Carol. I can’t wait to tell you about that!

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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Spoils of War–Field Trip

We got a jump start on our World War I & World War II unit studies by visiting a local war museum.   Trying to get Olivia to leave was like pulling teeth.  She was reading every single document, comparing uniforms and sympathizing with the wounded.   Her love for history is pretty intense.

We started off with the Revolutionary War.



The Civil War display was almost my undoing.   The number of factoids this kid spits out at me causes my brain to cramp.




World War I had a smaller display.




World War II, oh my word…HOURS in a 12X12 room.








Local hero, Major Thomas D. HowieThe Major of St. Lo




Local hero:  Archibald Sproul



We’ll definitely be revisiting this museum again as we move forward in our studies.

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