Friday, March 22, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Hydroponics Field Trip

Monday was a pretty standard day for us academically.   Olivia finished up her Veterinary Science curriculum for the year.   We weren't able (yet) to get her an apprenticeship to accompany the class, since all the veterinarians in the area work only with public schooled/vo-tech students.  We're still looking around trying to find a veterinarian who is willing to think outside the box.    There were freak snow squalls during the day that caused near white out conditions for 20-30 minutes at a time, but there was no accumulation.   I finalized our curriculum picks and ordered our books for the upcoming year (my post will be coming soon....when I have products to photograph).  The girls had archery in the evening.

Tuesday we had a field trip planned with the local homeschool group.  Olivia ended up working all day at the farm, so Lindsey and I dropped her off and went without her.   We visited Bloomaker, which is a local company that uses hydroponics to annually produce over 17million flowers from bulbs. It's currently the only company in the U.S. that produces all their flowers hydroponically.   We were given a full tour of the facility and got to see bulbs in various stages of reproduction including the chiller room (where the bulbs are put to "sleep").

Wednesday Olivia worked all day at the farm again.  She got her school work done in the evening.  Lindsey finished up her school work around noon, so she and I went out for El Salvadorian food for lunch and then since it  was free ice cream cone day at Dairy Queen, we had dessert.   It was not on my food plan, but tasty none the less.  Church was in the evening.

Thursday we awoke to torrential rains.  By noon the rain turned over to crazy snow.  It actually got bad enough that several main mountain roads were closed due to accidents and about 75 people got stranded for several hours.   Crazy first day of spring.   The kids spent extra time doing extra lessons. The end of the year is in sight and they are pushing hard to be done in early April.

Friday morning I was up early to go grocery shopping.   The girls completed all their school work while I was gone.  We spent the afternoon baking huge amounts of cookies and making tons of little sandwiches for a funeral we're attending and helping with on Saturday.   The lady who passed away was my age, and passed away from her second bout with pancreatic cancer.   She was one of the first friends I made in this town, we met at the baseball field when her son and Olivia were on the same baseball team.  We attend the same church now, and her son is in the youth group with my girls.   She was a single mom who touched more people in this town by herself than most churches do in their communities.   Her passing has left a huge gap in the community, and we're expecting hundreds of people at her celebration of life service.    Please pray for her sons, Noah and Tyler.  Noah is a junior in high school, and Tyler is just barely 20.

Happy spring everyone!
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Friday, March 15, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Goodbye Geometry

Our church has a very large sports program for kids in the community.   We offer several recreation league sports as well as having travel teams in several sports.  This past weekend we hosted our annual basketball tournament, with 56 teams, spread out in eight gyms in five different locations.   The girls and I always help with the tournament in various capacities.  Lindsey helped run concessions in our main building.   Olivia ran scoreboard for 13 back-to-back games, and I was the "runner" taking supplies, change and hot food items to all the locations.  We started at 7am on Saturday morning and didn't wrap up until almost 10pm.   We were thoroughly exhausted!

The time change overnight added to the exhaustion, and then after church, the girls went roller skating with their youth group.  They had a really good time, nobody got injured (thank goodness) and they were happy to get home and chill after a very full weekend.

Monday I let everyone sleep in a little extra.  We have another full week coming up so they doubled up on their school work as much as they could.  The only areas they don't double up in are math and Spanish.  Olivia worked at the farm in the afternoon and then we were off to archery.   This week, the archers were shooting apples that were swinging on a string, and I didn't get any photos, sigh.
Tuesday was a normal day at home, with more doubling up on work.   We met friends at the theatre after lunch to finally get to watch Aquaman.   I was really surprised at how much my girls and I liked the movie (and not just because he's a hunk).

Wednesday, Olivia was at the farm from 9am until 3:30pm.    She came home and took her last geometry test of the year, and actually finished the year up with a B+!!  I don't know if she was more excited about her final grade, or just the fact that she was done with the class.

Thursday we had our chiropractor appointment first thing in the morning and then went grocery shopping afterward.  Olivia went back to the farm in the afternoon to help wrangle cattle for the stock sale.   Lindsey got her school work done for the week.  In the evening both girls headed over to a homeschool teen event.  This is the first time all year that their schedule has worked out for them to attend the teen events, and they had a great evening.

Friday the husband had a vacation day from work.   We all headed out early to go do some shopping. One girl can shop all day, the other gets what she's looking for and is done.   The husband can shop all day, and I don't care for it, so it's always a mix of divide and conquer.

Here's to a low key weekend, with nothing big on the calendar!
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Friday, March 8, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Steady Progress

The girls spent much of the weekend babysitting at various places, including a couple of little's who were are our house Saturday night.  Lindsey has long been known as the "baby whisperer" because she's just so good with kids.  Olivia is really good with small kids too, and is a great sitter, but doesn't have the passion for children that Lindsey does.   Both of them will be great moms one day far, far away.  (I have better photos, but didn't want to put up full facial shots of someone else's kids for all the world to see.)
I let the girls sleep in a bit on Monday.   Lindsey's idea of sleeping in is she made it until 7:30am, I finally woke Olivia at 10am.   Olivia had a big literature exam, and I was concerned that her lack of sleep and the subject matter (Julias Caesar) might be an issue, but she passed with flying colors, and was very happy to put Shakespeare behind her for the year.

Tuesday was a farm day for Olivia.  The temperatures were in the teens early on, so she didn't have to be there until 11am, which allowed her time to get a lot of her school work done before she went.  After we dropped Olivia off, Lindsey and I scoured the thrift stores looking for new work shoes for her to wear to the museum when she starts back in April.    Olivia finished up her school work in the evening while I worked on dinner.

Wednesday was another frigid farm day for Olivia.  She absolutely loves going over there, and doesn't seem to mind the cold a bit.  She was once again able to get a great deal of school work done before leaving, and then spent time before dinner finishing up.   I spent time in the afternoon talking with an advisor from the local community college to find out about some classes for the summer and fall.  I found that Olivia's PSAT scores were well above where they needed to be, which means she doesn't have to take a placement test.   Summer classes will be posted next week, so we'll be looking at those.

Thursday we had a few extra things that impacted our schedule, but everyone managed to get everything done.   Olivia is cat sitting for a friend of mine, so we ran over there early.   I took our neighbor to the hospital for a biopsy in the afternoon, and in the evening there was a memorial service for one of my husbands friends from school.   The lady, at only 49, had a heart attack over the weekend and passed away unexpectedly.  She was one of those gals who was very involved with her family, church and in the community and will be greatly missed on many levels.

Friday morning we awoke to a bit of snow, and our county schools are closed.   I plan to go grocery shopping early while the kids knock out school work.   Once I got back we will head over to spend time with the cat that Olivia is taking care of.   The goal for the evening is to make it to the $3 theater to see Aquaman, here's hoping that works out.

How was your week?

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Friday, March 1, 2019

Weekly Wrap Up - Hello March

I sat down over the weekend and worked on lesson plans.  We're quickly wrapping up this academic year.  If everything goes accordingly, we should be finished all lessons by mid April.   I'm in research mode now as I look at items for the upcoming year.    I'm really looking closely at the Good and Beautiful Language Arts for Lindsey....anyone have any input??   Along those lines, if you're shopping for things already, check out my post Curriculum For Sale, you might find something you need at a great price!
Our church hosts a HUGE consignment sale twice a year.   This event turns our gym into a children's boutique of over 10,000 items in less than 48 hours.  Both the girls provide childcare for the worker's during the set up, sale and tear down they've been gone a lot this week, starting last Sunday, and have padded their pockets with extra cash for the summer.

Monday's school work went well. Olivia doubled up on some subjects in anticipation of being at the farm later in the week.   In the evening the girls had archery, but Lindsey missed class since it was her day to provide child care at the talks, even at her age.

Tuesday Olivia worked at the farm from 9:30am until 4pm.  Lindsey knocked out her school work early, and then worked ahead to free up her time later in the week when she's babysitting again.   Olivia came home exhausted, but finished her geometry before dinner.  We finished up the Unit 6 Spanish LifePac and are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for Spanish.

Wednesday I had my monthly lunch with my pal Yvette.  We try to hit new restaurants, but we're running out of new options so we did a repeat visit to the Thai place, yum!!    I fixed dinner for the family when I got home, but didn't eat anything.  This whole weight loss thing has gotten much easier, I don't feel I have to eat just because it's "dinner time", and I'm rarely ever hungry.   Church wrapped up our evening.s

Thursday I dropped off some used curriculum to a buyer and ran a few quick errands.  The girls worked on their academics and then Lindsey was off to babysit for 7 hours.   Snow and ice were in our overnight forecast.

Friday was just gray and rainy and drab.   Lindsey had to babysit all day, so she and I were out the door early.  I dropped her off and went to get groceries, totally forgetting that it was the first of the month, and the store was crazy busy.   Once done, I came home and graded the rest of the school work for the week.  It looks like Olivia may finish geometry this year with a B, which is HUGE!!

We've been researching colleges, trade schools and various programs.   I've got a couple of college visits scheduled, and have one or two more in the works.    The weekend will be spent (by me) researching curriculum and colleges, the girls will be babysitting...busy, busy, busy.

Are you in search mode for the upcoming year, or do you already know what you're doing for curriculum?

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Curriculum For Sale

I'm trying to purge some of the curriculum we've accumulated over the years to clean out the clutter, but also to help raise funds for our Haiti trip.    All books come from a smoke free, pet free home and are in  very good to new condition.

I'm linking to the product pages so you can see a full description and new cost for each.

A Child's Companion Guide to American History $3
First Form Latin - Teacher Manual, Workbook/Test Key & Pronunciation CD's.  Sold
First Form Latin - Student Manual - 2 copies available  Sold
Second Form Latin - Teacher Manual, Workbook/Test Key & Pronunciation CD's Sold
Second Form Latin - Student Manual - 2 copies available sold
Reader's in Residence - Teacher's Manual & Student Book $25/set
Writer's In Residence - Teacher's Manual & Student Book $25/set
Learn and Master Piano with Will Barrow - 2 year DVD curriculum SOLD
Considering God's Creation - teacher manual $5
Zoology for Kids - $5
The Trig Trainer - A Hand's On Approach to Teaching Trigonometry $5
Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Grade 7 Green Edition & Readers $20
Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Grade 8 Grey Edition & Readers $20
Learning Language Arts Through Literature - Gold High school - American Lit & Readers $20
Exploring Creation with General Science - ORIGINAL EDITION SEE PHOTO $15

Prices do not include shipping. I can ship media mail or priority mail, whichever you want to pay for.  I accept Paypal for items to ship, or cash if local.

Let me know if you have questions.
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