Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Curriculum Picks Week

Let me just tell you, that this kitchen make over of mine is really testing me.   It’s not that it’s hard, but it’s SLOOOOOW going and for a results driven person like me, that’s just torture.

Thankfully this weeks Weekly Wrap Up hosted by Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers is the curriculum week, so I don’t have to stress myself out over recounting our week…nor do I need to show you a photo of our disaster area of a kitchen, yet.

You can  click over to find my 2014-2015 Curriculum Picks and also Our 2044-2015 Schedule.    I will however say that I’m still trying to decide on what we’ll be doing for Bible, whether a curriculum of just morning devotions as a family.   I’m also trying to decide on which Latin program we’re adding  in.


Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully next week I can show you some progress photos!

In the meantime, be sure to pop over to the Weekly Wrap Up and see what new and exciting products are available to tempt you!

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Our Schedule for 2014-2015

Yes, the planner in me MUST have some sort of game plan in mind.  It’s just makes me feel better to have a schedule in place, even if we stray from it on occasion.

Our overall schedule is a 6 weeks on, 1 week off.  I looked at where I wanted us to end for the holidays and counted backwards to find our starting date of August 18.  By the time we break for Thanksgiving, we’ll have completed 12 weeks of our school year.

Bible, language arts, Latin and math will take place Monday – Friday.  Monday and Wednesdays will be science days, with Tuesday and Thursday being history days.   Friday will be art and poetry and tea time.

This is where the planning gets a bit sketchy for me.  We’ve typically done all of our lessons other than math together.  That has worked well for us, but since Olivia is “middle school” this year, I want to focus on getting her more independent and also not always be expecting Lindsey to keep up with a 2 grade level gap.   You can see my curriculum choices here, although Latin was not included when I originally wrote that article.


Olivia Lindsey
9:00am Bible Bible
9:15am LLATL/Writing Writing/LLATL
10:00am Math Math
11:00 am Latin Latin
noon Lunch Lunch
1:00-3:00pm Science/History Science/History
3-until Free Time Free Time

I’ll adjust the schedule once we get into it and see how things flow.   I want to allow for those bigger chunks of time for science and history so we can get more in depth in those to areas.   I’ve always tried to have all of our school work done by lunch time, but I feel like I’m rushing the kids too much and I want to focus more on the learning than the checking it off the things to do list this year.

Extra Curricular:

Awana:  Olivia finished up the Awana program at church last year.   Lindsey could go for 2 more years, but has decided she’d rather attend church with the family at our new church.  This will be the first time in 8 years that we aren’t participating in Awana!

Ballet:  Both girls are moving to three nights a week in ballet.   They are in different classes/levels so this means we’ll be at ballet  every evening Monday through Friday.   My goal is to drop them off at ballet and spend that 1 hour each day walking.

Piano:  Lindsey will continue with her weekly piano lessons and Olivia will continue with her DVD piano lessons.

Activity Day:  We will continue to attend this once a month event. 

This is the general, rough plan for our year.  I’m sure it’ll be adjusted more than once, but at least I have some sense of where we are headed, and at what time!

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Friday, July 11, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Demolition Week

I’m continuing to update my kitchen.  Last week I stripped all of that hideous wall paper off.  This week I took out a door and put in a wall.  I was a little hesitant about it to be honest, but I figured worse case scenario is I’d have to call my father in law to come fix my disaster.  It doesn’t look like Bob Villa did the work, but it looks good.   Below is a before and after (it still needs to have joint compound put on and primer, but that’ll happen next week).


Before I started using the skill saw I reviewed emergency procedures with Olivia…just in case something went ghastly awry.   I asked “if something goes wrong and I get hurt, what do you do?”   “Remain calm, call 911 and don’t let Lindsey see what’s happening.”  EXACTLY!….followed by “But if there’s a lot of blood, I might puke before I can get to any of that.”   Well, ok, thanks for the honesty.

We finally got to the pool this week!  Our weather has been wonky, and our days have been hectic, and it’s just made it hard to get in a swim.  Thankful to finally get in the water a bit!

The girls are still working on their writing and reading for the summer.  Lindsey continues to work on her math facts and is finally making progress.   All of our curriculum is here and I’m working on schedules and lesson plans.   However, I might add Latin back in this year, so I’m still looking at that purchase.

Friday was Free Fun Day.   We had free lunch courtesy of Chick-fila for dressing up like cows, we hit every 7-11 in the area for free Slurpee's and then we watched a double header baseball game, using free tickets.  SCORE!



I hope you’ve all had a fun week.   Summer is flying by for us all!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–Independence Day

The girls and I have had a wonderful week.  We went to see the Lego Movie, finished up the summer reading program for the library, and sat in the pouring rain waiting for a baseball game to start (it didn’t).

The best part of our week has been celebrating Independence Day with several thousand friends and strangers.   We started off at the park for the 10am parade.  We live within walking distance, so we carry our  chairs and drinks down and let the fun come to us.


Here are just a few of the fun entries from the parade.



President Woodrow Wilson’s limo is below.










The celebration will continue at the park all day. Wrapping up with a fireworks display tonight, which we’ll head back down to.

In the mean time, we headed to the other side of town, to the completely empty park and had a lovely picnic and played for a couple of hours.







We're home resting, and I’m making goodies for tomorrow’s family get together.  I hope you all have a wonderful July 4th as we celebrate our independence.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up–College Week

This week the girls got to go off to our local community college for a week of classes.   They absolutely LOVE this program, and the fact that they’ve been able to get a scholarship several times is something I love, grins!

Olivia opted for the Lego Robotics class.   I was hoping she wouldn’t be the only girl in such a class and thankfully she did end up with another girl to partner up with.   They spent the week building and programming their robots

Each day the instructor would have a new course set up for the teams to program their robots to maneuver.  If the robot didn’t perform as expected the instructor would stop and ask the kids what they needed to change in the program to make it correct, and help them think through the issue.  Once they saw the problem they’d go back to their computer and reprogram and run the course again.   Olivia LOVED it!






Olivia was just a BIT excited (above) as her robot completed it’s task and the girls took first place in today’s final competition.

Lindsey took part in a Kid’s America class.  They learned about history and worked on things that kids would have made over the years (paper chains, popcorn balls, paper dolls, etc.).   The last day the class had a presentation explaining the various crafts and how they were made and answering questions from the instructor.  Lindsey ended up being the spokesperson for 11 of the 15 projects.  The other kids in the class only did the mandatory 1 presentation, and the poor dears were petrified speaking in front of their own parents.   I guess they don’t teach public speaking in public schools?  (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.)



I got to spend time looking for pieces to my kitchen remake project.  I stumbled across a couple of good finds, time will tell.

That’s about it for our week. 

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