Friday, January 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

If all goes according to schedule, we'll be finishing up this school year on February 12.  We'll work on some reinforcement techniques for  a few weeks and then dive headlong into first grade.   I've purchased the Cantering the Country program...Olivia loves history, so I figured we could study the U.S. one state at a time and stop to focuse on major historical events as we go...this is the plan at least.  Lindsey will be starting her K4 program (even thought she won't be 4 until September).  She's super bright and I don't think she'll have any problems at all with the worload.  However, if I'm wrong we'll just stop and wait a few months.

We found out that Lindsey (3) has to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.  They were hoping to do it this week or next, but the huge adenoids have started pushing  fluid into the ears and now we're battling a double ear infection.  So....back on antibiotics for another 10 days, then return to the ENT and see if she's ok.   Poor thing, since Thanksgiving she's been on meds every 2 -3 weeks.   I'd say we should definitely meet our insurance deductible this year.

The dog is still here.  I still don't like the dog.   I've had some moments of intense fellowship with her...she's coming over to my way of thinking...or at least she's feigning compliance.  She still won't come when called, gets us up at least 2 times per night and still nips at Olivias feet (mostly when wearing her slippers).   She made the mistake of nipping at me last week, quickly found that this was not one of her better decisions and is far more docile now.   When company comes she gets way too excited...not sure how to break her of this either.  Not that we get a ton of company, but still.

Flat Stella is MIA.  I sent her out on a tour of the south.  The first hostess didn't let me know she'd gotten her for over a month, then said she mailed her to her next destination...she never arrived.  So sadly, I'm figuring that hostess #1 lost her and just didn't want to own up to it.  SO....I've made 2 clones this last week.  1 was sent back to the south to finish her schedule with the remaining 4 hostesses.   The other was sent to FL; she'll be heading to South Africa in a week with the hostess there.   Unfortunately, my enthusiasm with the clones wasn't as grand as the original.  We made her only 1 dress, glued it to her and sent her out.   The original had an entire wardrobe that could be attached with velcro, and changed at will for the various climates.  I truly hope that one shows back up...but its been 2 months and I'm certain she's a lost cause.

Enough rambling.   I have a huge list of things to do today....and blogging wasn't on the list.  Although, I'll now add it to the list, so I can check it off.  I'm funny like that.

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