Monday, June 1, 2009

SpellQuizzer (Review)

We've started our new year, just as everyone else is ending their old year.  We officially finished the 2009 school year on February 13, and have since been spending our time in our own interesting pursuits (sickness, surgery, planting our garden, vacation).  Now it's time to get started with 1st grade (Olivia) and K-4 (Lindsey).  

Olivia is reading pretty fluently on a 2nd grade level already.  However, she has had some issues distinguishing between the short "i" sound and the short "e" sound.   One thing that I have found that has helped greatly is SpellQuizzer.  There are pre-made spelling lists that you can download and use from the SpellQuizzer website.

What I found to be beneficial is that this program allows me to create my own spelling list based upon the curriculum I'm using, a book or era we're studying or to work on those pesky "i" and "e" sounds.  Creating the spelling list is easy, and you can record your voice saying the word and using it in a sentence as well.   I found this especially helpful in aiding Olivia to clearly understand the word.

SpellQuizzer has a page specifically geared towards homeschoolers.  Importing and exporting spelling lists is very simple, making it easy for homeschool co-op's to share lists among students.  An added bonus, is that your child gets to work on their keyboarding skills while working on their spelling!

SpellQuizzer offers a free 30-day trial offer.  Click here to download the software and try it for yourself.

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