Saturday, July 4, 2009

Living Museums

Both of my girls love hands on activities.  If we go to a museum where everything is under glass and out of reach, they are ready to go home.    We had a couple of Freebie opportunities yesterday, and my husband was off work, so we spent the day playing and learning together. 

First we headed to the local children's museum.  Lindsey has natural giftings toward homemaking and mothering.  She spent most of her time working in their kitchen area.  She made us "lunch"...

The finished product...

I offered to help clean up her "kitchen", but was told "No, I'm the ma'am; you can go play while I clean up."

Olivia loves working the spotlight for the stage area; taking a break to fix a "snack" and checking out animal skeletons.

In the evening, we traveled to our local Frontier Culture Museum.   There are so many things to see and do there; farms from Ireland, England, Germany and early American settlements.   The girls love touring the houses and helping with the work on the farms and they ask such interesting questions (and stumped the folks portraying the farmers on a few occasions).  For example the young man below was demonstrating the process of turning flax into the proper texture to make linen out of.   Olivia wanted to know how long it would take to process enough to be able to make a shirt...we'll have to study that on our own.

Old world bowling (above) was a lot of fun on the German farm.  So was drawing water from the well (below) on the same farm.

In the early American home, the folks have been working on a friendship quilt for some time.   The young lady of the home offered the girls the opportunity to help work on the project. 

This is my favorite photo of the day, as the girls run off together to search for a new adventure.

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