Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another Week Completed

This has been one of those weeks that seemed to get away from me.  It was productive and we did almost everything I'd planned, but it just seemed to be...POOF...gone.

We added Song School Latin this week.  The girls are really enjoying those corny songs on the CD and are using what they learned this week in normal conversation, of their own free will!  I'm thinking this is a good thing!  Olivia even worked it into her penpal letter this week (and thankfully her little penpal in North Carolina is using the same Latin program, so hopefully he'll know what she meant.)

Olivia apparently had a lightbulb moment.   Her math skills have increased dramatically.  Even new addition facts have been coming easily for her.  Lets just hope it stays that way for a bit!

Our Delaware study was neglected somewhat this week.  It wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped, but we just plain ran out of time a couple of days.   However, we did manage a few things.
- labeled the adjoining states and bodies of water on the map
- read the Delaware State Quarter book by Scholastic
- colored a state coin coloring sheet and read about Caesar Rodney's ride

Tuesday we had our co-op orientation.  Classes start September 11.  The girls are super excited, they have backpacks and are ready to jump right in. I'm a my previous post  here to see why. 

I've been adding more things to Lindsey's daily routine, just to keep her busy.  This week we worked on counting, sorting and pattern building using our handy dandy poker chips.  (Yardsale find, 50 or 75cents for a bag of 100...woohoo).

Lindsey's handwriting skills have improved.  I bought her one of those fat pencil grips and it seemed to do the trick.   She also passed her first phonics quiz this week.  I didn't think she'd have any problems, if she could quit being silly long enough to answer the questions.

Friday we went to the library and picked up a BUNCH of fun things for next week.  Now if I remember to take photos of those fun things to post here, we'll be set.   Then we went to the park and practiced baseball with Olivia.   Her batting from a pitching machine leaves a WHOLE LOT to be desired.  So it was a combination of P.E., hand/eye coordination and critical thinking skills all masked ast a trip to the park during the middle of a school day.

That's just about all of the excitement for this week.   Check out this week's Weekly Wrap Up at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how everyone else did.

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