Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lions and Bears and….Goats?

This is our first "official" week of back to school.  Monday our schedule got way off track due to unexpected company for several hours.   We did get through everything that I had planned for the day, at 6:45pm.  ....sigh....

Today was better, our first field trip of the year!!  We threw in 3 other kids from Olivia's Sunday school class and hit the road.   We visited a "Wild Animal Park".   There were some lovely parrots, some cuddly bears some aggressive ostriches and some VERY lethargic lions.    Out of all these animals, what do you think fascinated everyone the most???

Yeah....goats.   Go figure!!  Had I known that, I'm certain I could have found a goat farm much closer to home!   After our third trip by the goats we finally made it around to see some of God's other amazing creations.

Here is a wonderful group shot of our little troop.  From left to right....Amber (7), Olivia (6), Abby (6) Katie (8) and of course little Lindsey (3) in the back.   They are a wonderful group of kids, so well behaved and well mannered.

And dorky!

You KNOW I'll get some major points with the moms when they see that the kids have veggies on their plates at the pizza place!   (We just won't tell them that they were using the carrots to scoop up their squished brownies.   Why ruin a good thing, right?)

And how can you tell if your field trip was successful?   Everyone collapses into crumpled heaps on the way home.   There are actually 3 little girls on that back seat....but they were hunkered down for the duration.    Nice!

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