Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Tisket a Tasket….Everything in a Basket

Disorganization makes me twitch...seriously.  If I show up for an activity and its chaotic and unorganized, you can pretty much count on me not returning.  I can't help makes me twitch.

So in order to keep order in our house, I use containers...LOTS of containers.   Each girl has their own pencil box in their desk.  The pencil box houses their pencil, eraser, scissors, glue stick and coloring pencils.   The crayons are kept in a community property box (read: a big old plastic ice cream bucket with a lid and handle).

Current curriculum is stored similarly, in tubs.   Everything Olivia needs is in her tub.  Currently  it contains the three teacher manuals for Abeka 1st grade (yes three...sheesh); a pack of subtraction flashcards, two flip chart books one on addition, one on subtraction and her current reader.  Lindsey's tub contains the two teachers manuals for Abeka K4, and the coordinating flashcards; geometric shape lacing cards and the book I'm currently reading with her. 

Then I have a tub for subjects that are done with both girls.  This tub is stocked, but we won't start using it until next week when we start back to school full time.  It contains our Cantering the Country book, (and  U.S. Floor Puzzle, U.S. animals flashcards, U.S. flash cards for all 50 states (lots of interesting factoids on there); US. Coloring Books, a book on Delaware (our first state to study); 5 senses game;  Song School Latin curriculum and Discovering Great Artists

I have a four drawer plastic cart that houses other items.  Math manipulatives are in one drawer.  The next drawer houses lacing cards/beads etc.   Each child has a drawer for their workbooks (so every Saturday I do my lesson plans for the following week, pull out the corresponding worksheets and place them in their corresponding 5 pocket file folder. 

This system helps me to know where things are and not be scrambling around every day looking for bits and pieces of our school day. A place for everything and everything in its place....just a little something that works for me.  Head on over to We Are THAT Family and see what is working for everyone else!

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