Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing (Review)

The folks at Guardian Angel Publishing were gracious enough to send me several of their e-books to review recently.   I'm technically not a fan of the e-book craze, just because I like to be able to read in bed, on the couch with the kids, in the know, NOT in front of the computer.   But not to worry, if you aren't a big ebook fan either, you can order all of their books in printed form!  So don't let the phrase "e-book" send you into a tail spin.

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair by Mary Jean Kelso is a wonderful story about a courageous youngster named Andy and his desire to win a blue ribbon at the fair.  The book is wonderfully illustrated with vibrant colors.  This story teaches a valuable lesson to children and adults alike, about having courage to try things, regardless of our limitations.   My favorite quote from this book is “Don’t worry, Spirit. You can’t help it if your eyes are pink. There’s something wrong with everybody. Just not all of it shows.”

At the end of the book, there is information on how wild horses are managed here in the United States, as well as information on how to go about adopting wild horses.

Earthquake! by Susan J. Berger explains what causes earthquakes in terms that children can understand.    There are factoids throughout the book give glimpses into various earthquakes of the past.   The book also offers a section on being prepared for an earthquake, as well as what to expect and do (and not do) during and after an earthquake.  Very helpful information, on a child's level with simple and colorful drawings.   Highly recommended for those living in earthquake prone areas.

Hamster Holidays by Cynthia Reeg is a cute and colorful way for your child to learn the parts of speech.  All nouns are printed in blue; adjectives are red.   The illustrations by Kit Grady are fun, full of life and exploding with color.  The storyline itself isn't overly involved, but it does offer a fun way to learn about nouns and adjectives.  There are word searches and activities to help secure the information into young brains.

No Bones About it! The Sum of our Body Parts by Bill Kirk is a fun way to learn about bones, their names and where they are located.  Factoids throughout the book give more in depth information, in bite size chunks.  Just a heads up though, some of the drawings of the skull are enough to "creep me out" if you're a four year old, or at least if you're MY four year old.

E-books are priced at $5.00 each, or if you're like me and prefer a printed copy, the pricing is as follows:

Prices (before shipping)
Printed Books $10.95
PDF Ebook Download $5.00
Ebook CD $9.95
Some are even available as a DVD Book Video $9.95

Purchasing Guide: Guardian Angel Publishing books are rated for children of all ages (0-12)

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Disclosure: This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are our own.

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