Thursday, September 10, 2009

I’m Four….I CAN DO IT!!

Lindsey turned 4 last Friday.   I wish I had a dollar for every time she's said "I'm four now, I can do it myself." how's that REACHING thing working out for ya pal??    Poor dear, she is petite (takes after her father's side of the family you know).   So on Tuesday we went to the pediatrician for the 4 year check up.  I remember it being a lot more involved for Olivia's 4 year.  They pricked her finger, made her pee in a cup and did a vision and hearing test.   Not so with Lindsey.   They weighed her (34 pounds, I was surprised she was that heavy); measured her height (40 inches); poked her belly; checked her ears and nose and sent us on our way.   I was happy to find that she finally hit the 50% percentile on height and weight.  However, she's still 6 pounds away from moving into a booster seat, sigh.

I've been super stressed this week.  Not sure why (hormones perhaps?).  It's been one of those weeks where I just feel like a hamster on a wheel with no way to hop off.  I think the stress comes from an overbooked schedule for this month.  Olivia is playing fall baseball, and that is averaging 3 nights a week.  This week we start co-op. Next week we'll add ballet on Monday and Friday evenings.  The following week we'll add Awana on Wednesday nights as well.  After September 30, ball will be over and we'll be back to a normal schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening activities.

Since we were off for Labor Day and co-op starts tomorrow, we only had a 3 day school week.  So what did we accomplish this week?   

Olivia's math comprehension has jumped ahead considerably.  We've added several new skills this week and she's done nicely.  I did start using a timer during her seat work to help her keep from drawing things out forever.  That has been a great incentive for her.   I guess she feels she's racing the clock now.   Her goal is to be able to turn it off before the timer rings.  My goal is to get through the day!  Her reading has improved a great deal in the last little while and she's actually getting books off of the shelves and reading them of her own choice!

I'm finding that Lindsey is very good at math, and even though her curriculum has her only counting up to number 7 (now in lesson 38, sigh) she's retaining a lot of what Olivia is learning.  She knows a good many of the addition facts and  was having a great deal of fun measuring things with the ruler and yardstick this week.   I'm trying to decide if I should just accelerate her math program A LOT or just let her take it slow and easy.

For Latin this week, I decided to stay on the same lesson we did last week.  Our schedule was really rushed and I didn't feel like we'd given it a fair amount of work.   I could tell a really big improvement in Lindsey's pronunciation this week (although I KNOW she is still saying something about a squid).  Olivia was a bit tweaked that we didn't move on, but it didn't harm her any to spend a little extra practice either.

In our study of Delaware, we learned about the state flower, the peach blossom; and the state bird, the blue hen chick; and we colored pictures of each and labeled them.   We also studied the state map and labled nature reserves and beaches.

Today was the first day of co-op.  The girls were VERY excited about it.  Lindsey got up at 6am....I was NOT amused when she woke me up to ask if she could get dressed.   Olivia even woke up on her own, got dressed, made her bed AND ate real food all without being asked to do so.   The classes seemed ok and the kids had fun.  Co-op runs from 9am until 2:45, both girls were exhausted and fell asleep before I pulled out of the parking lot.

Olivia had another ball game tonight.   Not only did she hit the ball all three times she batted, but she drove in two home runs!!    It was a pretty exciting game.  Oh, and now that the season is half way completed, the uniforms finally arrive.

That is my Weekly Wrap Up...such as it is.  

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