Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Outdoor Art Class

The weather this week has been incredible!!   Mid 70's, no humidity, gentle breezes.  It feels like fall, although I'm sure the temps will soar again before it's all said and done.

I've been wanting to do an outdoor art class with the girls, so this week was perfect!  I have a lovely flower garden beside our sunporch that was our focal point.  Granted, had we done this last week, some of the zinnia's would have been a bit perkier.  However, I just didn't have the heart to sit the kids out in the direct sun in 100 degree weather to work on this project.

What I asked them to do specifically, was pay attention to detail, color and shapes.  If you'll notice below, Olivia drew several bees in the middle of her large focal point flower, although I'm not certain where the green and blue petals came from..   I also like that she added a smaller flower at the top of her page that shows the colors variations in some of the sunflowers.

Lindsey focused more on the zinnia's than the sunflowers.  She added lots of colorful flowers, and little details as well.

They both worked for over an hour on their drawings, so even though they didn't cover the entire page as I'd hoped, they still did ok.  Here are their finished projects.

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