Monday, October 12, 2009

Amazing Bible Timeline (Review)

Admittedly, I do not instantly jump on each product to begin the review process as soon at it arrives in the mail.  I try to see how I can make it fit into our current studies as disruptively as possible.  I also like to preview the product before presenting it to my children.   Such is the case with the Amazing Bible Timeline.    I received a free copy of this in depth, color coded, 37" x 45"  timeline on September 12.    To be honest , I unrolled it, hung it on the wall in our classroom and left it there while I finished using and reviewing several other free products.  It was on my agenda to start using and reviewing the product  the week of October 19th. 

Then I received a "clarification" email from the makers of the Amazing Bible Timeline that sparked a more urgent interest.  This particular quote sent up a red flag for me:

"Why is there an LDS version of the Timeline? We began working with the Amazing Bible Timeline in 1975, forty-four years after its first printing in 1931.  1975 was a time when Christians were committed to building greater unity or cooperation among Christian faiths, very different from todays time of Bible bashing and rejection of any Christian whose faith does not exactly match our own.  The contention among Christians today is appalling to us and we don't support it.  We miss the days of cooperation and true tolerance. 
To answer the question, we were asked to provide an LDS version. We did it and we still provide it today.  None of the original Timeline dates were changed and no LDS dates were added to the original Amazing Bible Timeline.  A separate version was made with separate copyrights and ISBNs. "

So today, I've pushed aside my already planned activities, and I've spent time studying the timeline itself.    There is a direct reference to the Book of Mormon at 400AD.  Shortly above 1800AD there is the notation that in 1847 Brigham Young led Mormon pioneers to Utah.  I find it interesting that there is no other notation of any other church development (Wesleyan, Baptist etc.) anywhere on the timeline.  This does make one see, that despite this above claim, the timeline is skewed by the Mormon doctrine and perspective. 

Feel free to label me as intolerant, I'm okay with that really.  I'm okay with the fact that not everyone shares the same doctrinal beliefs.  I'm not okay with being misled by a product.  A Bible timeline should be just that, with no other "scripture"  references that are not from the Bible. 

This product may be just the thing to make your history study be all that you want it to be.  If so, you can purchase your own copy for $29.97 by going to the Amazing Bible Timeline site.   If you'd like to read more explanations from the producers of this resource, you can click on this site.

We will not be using this product in our studies.  If you are LDS, I'm not trying to offend you.  However, one of our main goals in homeschooling is to teach a Biblical world view.  I feel that is using a product that uses non-Biblical "scriptures" as reference is not in keeping with the goals set for our family. 

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Disclosure: This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are our own.

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