Thursday, October 1, 2009

Painted Ladies (the butterfly NOT my kids)

My kids do not do their school work in their for everyone who has that stereo-type imprinted into your thinkings...STOP IT!   As you'll see in this post, my children take their attire and their studies

At co-op two weeks ago, Olivia's science teacher gave each student a lovely butterfly habitat and two Painted Lady caterpillars.  They made their chrysalis the night we brought them home (and no, I didn't take photos).  Filly (butterfly number 1) came out of her chrysalis on Monday morning.   We missed the entire event due to ...intense personal fellowship of the negative kind...ahem.  Anyway, Millie (butterfly #2) appeared on Tuesday while we were all at the dentist office.  So there's always next year to try THAT again.

Since the temperatures are changing pretty quickly here, we decided to release Filly and Millie today...granted they'll probably freeze to death tonight, but they had one glorious day in the great outdoors.

Here are my non-pajama wearing children waiting patiently for the release of the butterflies.  Olivia is sporting a way too small for her Cinderella  evening gown, and Lindsey is wearing a way too big for her Barbie wedding gown.  And yes, this was their attire for the majority of the school day.

Trying to coax this one out of the net...

Olivia really does have a way with bugs.  She loves them, and by all appearances most are fond of her as well (with the exception of that one bee two years ago, but why bring up ancient history?).

Lindsey is a lot more leery, and a lot less successful in the insect world.  She freaked this one out and it was gone.

We just happened to have this lovely set of games, and since we had a theme going, we decided to have fun for a while.

The husband doesn't look like he's having too much fun does he? (It's hard losing to a four year old).  What Lindsey lacks in bug skills, she makes up for in gaming skills...she almost always wins when we play games. further drive home the point that we do not wear pajamas while doing is what Lindsey looked like during the rest of the day.

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