Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pennsylvania Week 4

This was a relatively uneventful unproductive week.  Monday we ditched our books and went on a hike most of the day.  You can read more about our outing by going here.  Then in the evening we just did some easy reading and puzzles.   Ballet was cancelled, so we didn't even have that going on!

Tuesday and Wednesday were just typical days.   The girls had Awana at night.  During the day we focused on our core subjects and then finished up reading about Ben Franklin and did a biography on both Ben and William Penn. 

Books we used:

William Penn Founder of Pennsylvania, by Steven Kroll
Let Freedom Ring Benjamin Franklin, by Susan R. Gregson
The Ben Franklin Book of Easy & Incredible Experiments

Today, (Thursday) was a short day.  We only did 2 hours of classes at home this morning, again covering core subjects (rather quickly).  Then we loaded up to go to our monthly activity day get together.  Olivia's art class made some crazy pumpkin patch thingy.  Each child received a half sheet of poster board and then used various things to  complete the project.  A large, crumpled piece of tinfoil painted orange was the main pumpkin.  Some crushed eggshells, also painted orange, was another pumpkinish type thing.  Yarn was used to make the vines and then green sponge painting for the leaves.  It was very...interesting.   Sadly the paints were all watercolors that hadn't dried nearly enough.  Did I also mention that the monsoons have set in and it's been pouring rain for two days.   Needless to say, that craft literally dissolved walking across the parking lot.

Lindsey's class focused on apples.  They read several books about apples, played some games involving apples and had a snack (you'll never guess what they had).   Her craft was pretty cute.  It was a mosaic apple made out of colored tissue paper, glue and construction paper.  Did I mention the heavy RAIN??

I'm teaching a class on Native Americans for 9-11 year olds.  I'm using the Evan-Moor Native American  History Pockets for the class.  We're building a 9 pocket portfolio over the school year.  This month we studied the Seminoles and made a headdress for everyone to wear home.  We as a family don't celebrate Halloween, but I figured since this was October and this was the only tribe that had something to wear as an activity, we'd do it now.  I also made homemade popcorn balls for a snack....ok, so other than the popcorn it's not an authentic Native American food...but humor me here.

Friday is our weekly co-op followed by ballet for Olivia.   Next week I'm hoping to finish up with Pennsylvania so we can do a 4 week or so study about Thanksgiving, Squanto and the Pilgrims.

Visit Kris at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see this weeks version of the Weekly Wrap Up.

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