Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break

I feel guilty for not doing any school work! But we haven't just been sitting around being lumps of mush, we've been busy having fun.

We took the girls roller skating the week before Christmas. Lindsey is a natural skater and had no problems taking right off and leaving us all behind. Olivia (also known as: Falls Down A Lot) needs a lot more practice! But it was fun, although, as this first photo shows, Olivia was a BIT apprehensive in the beginning.

We also went to a Fun Center that has lots of inflatable items to play on/in. Olivia LOVED being in this hamster ball.

Lindsey was more involved with the play area and multi-tasking. She was pretending to vacuum while caring for her "baby".

Oh, and did I mention we got some snow? 24.5 inches of snow to be exact!

Doesn't my wreath look lovely?

Then, we abducted Santa.

So far it's been a grand time. But the teacher in me went to the library today, and loaded up on books, you know in case we get really bored or something.

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