Friday, January 8, 2010

Back in the Saddle

This was our first week back to school after the Christmas/New Year break.   I'll admit, I was glad to get back into our work, and by all appearances the kids were too!     All of our extra activities started back this week as well.  The girls were super excited to get back to ballet and Awana.  Co-op was supposed to resume today as well, but we had more snow last night so it was cancelled.  I'm planning to use my "free day" to work on some Crew reviews.

We didn't do anything artsy or creative this week.  We did however manage to get back on track with Latin and Cantering the Country.  New Jersey is our current state, which lends itself to lots of interesting rabbit trails.  We'll be doing a study next week on Thomas Edison and hopefully doing some experiments if I can get to the library today to pick up the books I've ordered.

My father-in-law has continued to improve greatly, and I'm working our schedule around him as much as possible.  He loves to watch westerns, but we have no cable tv.  Luckily my husband has been making much use of the library this week, by going and picking up old westerns on VHS.   The girls have watched a few movies with him (although, I'm not really thrilled with it).  However, it has sparked a new trail of imaginary play.  Just last night we had a shoot out in the formal living room, cap guns  blazing.    The herd of "My Little Pony" dolls were almost rustled, but after hunkering down behind an overturned blanket basket the two were able to fend off the intruders.   It was a bit comical when Lindsey was killed by Indians.  She laid in the middle of the floor saying "ok, now pick me up and put me in the wagon and take me back to town"....followed by Olivia's "BE QUIET!!  YOU ARE DEAD AND DEAD PEOPLE DON'T GIVE THE ORDERS!"  Valid point.  (There are photos, you'll see, eventually.)

I had a dentist appointment on Thursday morning to get a cavity fixed.  We didn't start school until after 3:00pm that day, but we still were finished up before supper time.  That's about it for our week.  Head over to the Weekly Wrap Up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see how everyone else's week progressed!

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