Friday, January 15, 2010

Electrifying Week

Before anyone panics, relax! No one was injured...we were studying Thomas Edison. We did some simple experiments using balloons, wool socks and various objects to see if it would stick to the balloon once statically charged by the sock. You'll notice a blatant lack of photographs this post. My camera is currently full of photos and I haven't had a chance to go to Wally-world to get them printed. (Yes, I do know I can do it online...but that always results in me paying for a bunch of horribly pixilated photos.) So just have faith when I say we did do this stuff. Lindsey's baby fine hair responds incredibly well to a statically charged balloon, in case you were wondering.

Besides studying electricity, we did a biographical report on Thomas Edison as well. I didn't know that he started losing his hearing at the age of 8. I also didn't know that his mother removed him from school because he asked too many questions that the teachers couldn't answer; which kept him at odds with the teachers. Here is a list of the resources we used:

Thomas Edison; by Haydn Middleton
Experiments with Electricity; by Salvatore Tocci
The Science Book of Electricity; by Neil Ardley
The Thomas Edison Book of Easy and Incredibly Experiments; by James G. Cook


Thomas Edison and the Electric Light; Animated Hero Classics.

Olivia's reading has improved incredibly over since Christmas break! She's no longer monotone and Even more thrilling, she's reading books on her own, of her own free will!!! (Insert angelic choir singing the hallelujah chorus here).

Awana is back in full swing. This week Olivia earned two jewels in one night by reciting all of the Old Testament books. We've gone from being really behind to only having 6 more verses to last until the end of the year! Olivia was also asked to participate in this year's Spark-o-rama games. From what I understand, this is a "olympic type game" where Awana clubs from various churches compete against each other. Lindsey was thrilled to learn that her beloved Awana teacher is expecting a baby!!

Math has been moving smoothly for Olivia. Lindsey is doing awesome with verbal math...but that blasted number 7 is starting to really get on my nerves!! How does one help an auditory learner improve in other areas??? She does wonderful on 1-6, and 8-11...but 7....aggggghhh!! Any input is greatly appreciated.

We had out first co-op meeting of 2010 today. Only 13 more to endure, 'nuff said.

One exciting thing happened for me this week, I got a job! Well, I interviewed today and was offered the position, I don't technically start until Monday at 9am. I'll be working part time as a bookkeeper and administrative assistant for a music academy locally. I'll only be working 3 days a week, from 9am until 1pm. This will still allow me to continue to homeschool, just later in the day than I do it now. This further pushes me toward letting go of the weekly co-op at the end of this academic year. I just can't justify losing that extra day now that three days a week will be more rushed.

That's about it for this week. Hopefully there will be photos next week. Head on over to the Weekly Wrap Up to find out what exciting things have happened in the rest of the homeschool realm.

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