Friday, February 5, 2010

Blizzard 2010 Edition

Catchy title, eh???

This has been a real humdinger of a winter for us here in Virginia. We've had snow and or ice, almost every week now since the first week of December. Sometimes more than once in a week. Such is the case this week. This past Saturday we had 8 inches of snow. Tuesday night, another 6 inches. No biggie....but then....drum roll please!

Tonight through Saturday night we are supposed to get a blizzard. For real, BLIZZARD. The weather map for our area shows PARALYZING SNOW on our area, with winds of 35-30 miles per hour. Nice. Supposedly 36 inches or more. Time will tell! I'll post photos if/when it happens. Here is what my backyard looked like BEFORE the snow started today.

Now, on to our school week.. All of our outside activities have been cancelled this week because of the weather. You'd think that would mean I've gotten extra school work done...not so. I'm just not in the mood to press especially hard this week. We did manage to get a full five day week in this week. Our co-op typically doesn't meet on the first Friday of the month...however, even if we HAD been scheduled the snow would have caused a cancellation.

We did finish up our study of New Jersey. We didn't have the state meal this time, it sounded good, but I knew the kids wouldn't eat it, so really why bother? All that is left to do is the collage from the maps and brochures we have. I'm saving that for Saturday as a boredom buster.

We finished reading our selection of books on Abraham Lincoln. To finish up the readings, Olivia wrote her own story and made a lovely little book out of it.

We also revisited the puffy paint creation. We ended up with a green dog, and a pink cat. It is just me, or does the cat look like it has "issues"?

There was nothing overly exciting this week, just typical stuff. I do feel it was productive. Lindsey's reading skills are increasing quickly, and her cursive writing is getting a lot easier to read. Olivia is doing well in all areas. Although, I really need to find a way to make her think outside the box.

For those of you who do not have snow, but would like to make "snow angels" with your kids, here is a photo of a nifty craft to do. I'd love to take credit for it, but Lindsey's Awana teacher sent this home last week. The "body" is Lindsey's footprint , and the "wings" are her handprints.

Go check out the Weekly Wrap Up and see how well, or wild, everyone else's week was.

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