Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artistic Pursuits (Review)

Artistic Pursuits is one of those vendors that make people salivate in anticipation. Unfortunately, the vendor left a bad taste in my mouth before the product ever arrived which has made it extremely difficult for me to review the product without being negative.

We received a free copy of "The Way They SEE It" ($42.95) to review as part of the TOS Crew. This particular product is intended for parents, teachers and caregivers of preschool age children. The book covers topics such as the writers preference in brands of crayon, paint and markers; how to hold a pencil, crayon and marker; and proper scissors holding.

19 lessons include a Grown-Up Talk that will help you understand children's artistic development, the different approaches they use, and the reasons children make art. Informative boxes at the bottom of the page offer practical tips when teaching art to young children.

In all there are 32 children's activities. Here is Lindsey's art work before using the curriculum:

...and after using the curriculum.

To read other Crew members reviews of the Artistic Pursuits program, click here.

Disclosure: This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are our own.

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