Monday, March 22, 2010

School Photos

Do any of you do "school" pictures?  I remember it was always such a nightmare as a kid.  Your Mom dresses you "just so", combs your hair "just right" and sends you off expecting you to stay like that all day.  Typically, this was always the same day that some teacher had a complete mental lapse and we worked with paint, or markers or some other hard to remove substance.    The cafeteria ladies were often in on the conspiracy as well; serving Oreo cookies at lunch with nary a toothbrush in sight.

Yeah, had "school picture day" several weeks ago.  Since my girls were with the photographer for less than 2 minutes total, I didn't expect much truthfully.  I did however know that there were no markers, paint or Oreo crumbs present anywhere on their little faces.  What I failed to take into consideration is that my kids are very photogenic...and that the photographer is pretty dang good.

Next thing you know, I've spent WAY too much money on photos.  So I'll share them here, and yes I did purchase the CD with copyright release included.

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