Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry Fields…for today

With only two more days of school left, you’d think I’d be hitting the books hard today.  Not so!  We went on a little field trip….to the strawberry fields to do some serious picking and eating.

027This is an 8 acre strawberry patch.  There were LOTS of berries and LOTS of mud.  I mean, after all,  it’s been raining nonstop for several days.  We did have a brief dry spell today that gave us just enough time for this excursion, and then it started to rain again on the way home.

030Olivia is my “I don’t want to try any new foods” kid.  Although she enjoyed the picking, and slopping through the mud, the scowl in this photo pretty much assures me that she’s not about to try any!

We found several “odd” shaped berries.  So we then ended up in a contest of who could find the biggest and weirdest.  The top photo was the winner.

032 02930 minutes, and $20 later, we’d picked this lovely crate of berries and headed home to make strawberry shortcakes…and probably freeze some!


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  1. Oh my I could eat just about all of those!


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