Friday, May 28, 2010

Summer Break – Week 1

Weekly_Wrap-Up This has been a really good  first week of “summer”!  The only school work we did was reading, so it was very relaxed.

We went on a great field trip to watch a fabulous craftsman blowing glass.   You can read all about it, and see the cool photos here.  Then we followed that experience up with making our own glass bowls at home.  

Awana wrapped up this week.  Lindsey completed her 2nd Cubbies book, so she earned her ribbon.  She also earned a Faithfulness trophy for perfect attendance and received a Leadership trophy.  Olivia finished here 2nd year Sparks book and received her ribbon.  She also earned a Faithfulness trophy for perfect attendance as well.

Olivia’s baseball team finally got to have their team photos taken after three weeks of being rained out and rescheduled.   All of our regular games were rained out this week.  Although we did finally get one make up game out of the way.  I think at this point, kids and parents alike are just done!

I signed the girls of for free bowling this summer. That’s right, free!  Each girl gets 2 free bowling games EVERY day of the summer!!  Check and see if your city is included in this program by clicking here.  We took the girls bowling on Friday morning and we had a blast!  Lindsey’s ball always rolls in slow motion, so I got a really cool shot of her doing ballet as her ball slooooowly rolls down the lane.

100_3061Really, it’s al about looking good as we bowl, right?
100_3040Speaking of looking good, look at these vibrant bowling shoes I had to endure.  In case you’re wondering, I did NOT mess with the color…they really were this ugly in real life!

100_3035Oh and there is the fact that I’m once again unemployed!!  WOO-HOO!!   Yes, that’s right, I’m glad to not have a job.  I’d went back to work part time at the beginning of January because of a financial crisis that developed while my husband was off work for 9 weeks without pay.  I’m happy to report that the Lord has blessed us, got us back on our feet and I’m once again able to stay at home where I belong!   And seriously, I just don’t have time for a job!  Even though it was “only 12 hours a week” it interfered too much with life!

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  1. YAHOO for NO WORK and AWESOME bowling shoes!

  2. They must make them that ugly so you don't steal them??? Although I would bet that some teenager would think they were really cool...

    And hooray for no more working! :)


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