Friday, June 4, 2010



This week wrapped up ballet lessons for both girls. Olivia’s last ball game is tomorrow morning and then she’s finished up for the season.

Wednesday Olivia had her pre-surgery hearing test.  She’s lost 25 decibels of hearing in her right ear, and 15 in her left.  Surgery is scheduled for June 8 at 7:30am.  The doctor is pretty certain her hearing will return to normal almost immediately.

Today I set up shop at the local used curriculum sale.  It only lasted 2 hours, and I only sold $18 worth of items.   I guess it’s time to post on Craigs List!

We used the “Magic Rock” kit this week for grins and giggles.  I followed the directions (gosh that stuff must be dangerous), but something went wrong.  They looked good at first..then Olivia finally asked “Why are the rocks fuzzy?”…and yes, that’s a pretty good description of them.  Fuzzy…eew.



We finished up a few reading projects as well.  Other than that, I spent most of my week cleaning house, gardening and doing stuff outside with the kids.  (It’s great to be unemployed again!)

Be sure to stop by the Weekly Wrap Up for this week.

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  1. Yahoo for unemployed moms! BUT a blessing it was there when you needed it :) Have a great weekend...will you be posting your used curriculum on facebook?

  2. Just said a prayer that Olivia's surgery is a total success! :)


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