Saturday, July 31, 2010

Colonial Williamsburg for Homeschoolers

Hands on learning and living history are two of my kids favorite learning tools.   We are blessed to live in an area that gives us access to a vast array of historical sites, museums and learning experiences. Thankfully, more and more of these venues are setting aside special times and activities for the homeschool community.

Colonial Williamsburg designates several weeks as Homeschooler Experiences. In addition to the variety of activities and programming throughout the Historic Area, special programs are scheduled for homeschool participants including a variety of hands-on opportunities. Special rates are available during this period for homeschoolers.

This fall the dates for the Homeschooler Experience are September 11 – September 26, 2010. In the fall, the experience focuses on government, politics, and the Revolution. Families are encouraged to participate in the Revolutionary City® programs as well as the other diverse offerings in the Historic Area. In addition, homeschoolers have the opportunity to participate in exclusive meetings with a Person of the Past.

The pricing is phenomenal!  If you pre-register $7.50/adult, $5.50 for children 6 and up.  Walk-ins are also available for $9.50/adult, $7.50/children 6 and up.  To get a copy of the pre-order form, click here.

Scheduled homeschool events for 2001 are February 26 – March 5, 2011 and September 10 – September 25, 2011.

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