Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our First Horse Show

I’ve never been to a horse show, and neither have the girls.  However, I thought since Olivia is so interested in animals that a free admission horse show was a good idea.

We only had to drive about 20 minutes.  Hit a heavy rain right before we arrived at our destination.  Then the sun came out and it got hotter than ever! 

“Hershey’s Chocolate Shake” was chosen to ride the American flag out into center ring for the singing of the National Anthem.  The young lady singing had a WONDERFUL voice!

009 008 The man on the far left was the ring master.  The cowboy on the far right is the show judge.

This next horse was stunning!  See the one on the right, with the LONG tail?   Totally gorgeous horse.  Unfortunately the rider had a horrible attitude that totally negated the beauty of the horse.  She didn’t win a single blue ribbon.

020Here is our overall favorite horse of the show.  Everything about this horse was elegant and beautiful.  The owner did a wonderful job training and showing this wonderful horse.

039 035There were a lot of young kids showing horses.  This especially caught Olivia’s attention.  This first little guy (or gal maybe) was just TOO cute.

012 026One thing about Olivia.  She’s not afraid to talk to strangers and ask questions.  (Ok, the questioning is good, the talking to strangers is iffy.)  After the show ended she picked out a horse of interest and went to work finding out things.  

Allow me to introduce to you “Jesse”, a 24 year old horse who is very agile for his age.  He took top honors in the obstacle course!

056 059 064 On our way home we swung by the local ice cream shop and used our free cone coupons.   Not a bad field trip!

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