Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer at the Park

We are fortunate to live within walking distance of a very nice, very large park.  There are several different playgrounds, a duck pond, a miniature train, swimming pool and of course the baseball fields.  (Which by the way, fall baseball starts up at the end of this month.)

Anyhow, we took advantage of the cooler weather last week and went to the park with some friends.   The kids had a wonderful time playing together.  Karen and I had a wonderful time chit chatting about everything from curriculum to raising chickens.   My husband wandered off to watch the ducks a lot.

All four kids were quite fond of the merry-go-round.  I would spin it as hard and fast as I could, then suddenly stop it and have them all try to walk in straight lines.  Very entertaining indeed!

006As you can see, Lindsey is a climber.  Although, she hasn’t mastered the art of climbing down yet.

001 010

Somehow, Olivia ended up being the caged tiger who was escaping.   Pretty vicious, no?  Well the other three ran around screaming like wild, so it must have been more realistic in real life.

003We finally worked our way over to the big playground.   We put the husband to work giving everyone a spin on this contraption.

015 016Finally, Samuel had the right idea about how to use this piece of equipment.  Sadly he didn’t have enough weight or reach to make it to point B.  Amazingly, the kid can hang there forever before crashing to the ground.  Rescuing him was just too much like a girl thing to do you know.


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