Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekly Wrap Up – This is Vacation?


I’m quite certain the term vacation is used VERY loosely in our house.

Saturday Olivia auditioned for a role in the Nutcracker.  She received her confirmation letter that she has a role!! However we won’t know what part she’s playing until costume fittings on September 25.

Sunday morning we left for the beach.  After three plus hours on the road we arrived to rain (typically it rains the ENTIRE time we go to the beach, so this was nothing new).  We headed directly to the  Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center and spent almost 5 hours touring the one building.  We never got to the marsh facility!   If you’d like to see all the photos from the aquarium, click here.  If you’d like to see photos from out jaunt on the beach and the in the pool click here.   It was a short trip and we were back home by late Tuesday evening.

064 113Wednesday Olivia had piano lessons.   We worked on getting everything unpacked, put away and laundry.   Once that task was complete the girls were super excited for the first night of Awana!  Lindsey is in her first year of Sparks, and Olivia is completing her last year of Sparks. 

Thursday afternoon was the beginning of our new year for Activity Day!   I’m teaching the kindergarten class and decided to go with a Dr. Seuss theme this year. We started off with the beloved “Green Eggs and Ham”.  To read about all of our activities and crafts and to see photos, click here.

Thursday evening was the first meeting of 4-H.  This is our first year of 4-H, and both girls are in the Cloverbuds group (ages 5-8).  Since Olivia has such a great interest in animals I thought this would be an awesome opportunity for her to learn and grow.  An added bonus was the fact that one of her close friends from baseball is in the group!

Friday morning we headed off to Montpelier for Constitution Day.  This was a wonderful field trip and a great kick off to our study of Virginia!  You can see lots of photos and read about our adventures here.  I can not guarantee that we’ll hold to our 2 week per state schedule on this one, there are just too many things to see and do close by!

Here is a snippet of our visit….”Thomas Jefferson” and “James Madison” were very personable…for dead guys.

057Friday evening we were back at the ballet studio for everyone’s ballet lessons, and then home to collapse in a crumpled heap.

So if you still have friends or family who think we homeschoolers stay locked in our homes all day, send them a link to this post!   In the meantime stop by the Weekly Wrap Up to see how everyone else spent their week!   If you need me, I’ll be on the sofa!

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  1. Sounds like a great week~especially the trip to the beach:)


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