Sunday, October 31, 2010

Job Security

This time of year there are stunning splashes of reds, oranges and yellows as the leaves in Virginia start to turn.   Simply gorgeous, it truly is.   What is NOT so great is removing all those leaves from the yard.

Thankfully, we have a $25 leaf blower and kids who still think working with Mom and Dad is fun.   Child labor is alive and well at my house!

008 003So what does this have to do with job security you ask?   Well, take a look up the hill, BEHIND them….

011  013
There are SIX of those huge maple trees along our property line.   Not on our property (about 1 foot off the property line).  However, all those leaves typically find themselves right up against our 6 foot privacy fence.  Yep, the kids will be back out there again this week, and next week at least.   Job security at its finest.

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