Monday, October 18, 2010

The Redemption of the Silly Bands

I find it truly amazing that my kids own hundreds (literally) of silly bands.  The amazing thing is that I DON’T BUY THEM.  The collection started during baseball season.  Lindsey started to amass the blasted silly bands from friends.   Then the coach bought them some, and so on and so on…

However, today they were redeemed.   Olivia tied the majority of her silly bands together to form a long rope.   Then she (of her own doing) started experimenting.   Initially she had the bands tied to the door knob and her baby carrier.  She pulled it to the opposite end of the room and then let go.  It slid for a bit, but not too impressive.  THEN in a moment of thinking outside the box, she announced “We need something with wheels!”

She went with this lovely Cinderella coach.  Her poor stuffed dog Lilly was the pilot of the contraption.

035 Lindsey got to be the “control tower”…although her “count down” went “READY, AIM, FIRE!!!” 033 032

They had that poor contraption booking along at a pretty good clip.  Olivia soon realized that if she made the “rope” shorter and pulled it to the same length, she gained speed.

Once the novelty of the forward projectile with wheels wore off, poor Lilly was used in a makeshift sling shot.  One end of the “rope” was attached to the door chain, the other end to the dining room table.  If you look in the first photo below…to the FAR right you can just barely see Lilly’s head as the sling shot is loaded (with HER).   In the second photo you see her in midflight. 

026 028

So, we’ve determined that silly bands are good for sorting, counting, shape identification and catapulting.  Who knew?

PLEASE NOTE!  LILLY IS A TOY DOG….DON’T SEND ME UGLY MESSAGES!  (I’m quite certain she was having fun.)

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