Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh the Places You Will Go–Activity Day


Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Since January is one of those months where you really don’t get to do a lot outside (at least not in Virginia), I thought we’d do some major traveling in this months Dr. Seuss class.  I went to our local library and picked up some really fun books, complete with puppets!

After reading our theme book, I gave each child a printout of a United States Map.  We worked on finding and coloring Virginia on the map.  Then I gave everyone a chance to point out any other states they have visited or lived in, and we all colored those together.   To stay on theme, I introduced the book “Town Mouse, Country Mouse” and the cute little mouse puppet. 


After reading the book, we thought of ways that the city is different from the country.   We wrapped up this portion of the class by assembling our US Floor Puzzle.



Then we moved on to a copy of the World Map.  We named all the continents, and read the book “”Wombat Stew” and played with our fun Koala puppet.   Then we “whaled” around the oceans with the book “Baby Beluga” and a fun whale puppet.



Then we moved on to the solar system.  We colored our lovely solar system replica, and worked on the names of the planets (and yes we did Pluto).  Unfortunately, there were no astronaut puppets to go along with this part of the lesson.

Finally, each child colored their own “book cover” (I scanned and printed a black and white copy of the actual book).   When completed, we stapled everything together for a fun book of the places we can go.

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