Friday, January 14, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up – Ohio


There are a lot of famous Ohioans to cover, so we did some quick overviews of each of the following people:

Chief Tecumseh, Annie Oakley, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, William H. Taft, and Warren G. Harding.   I used the Crayola Coloring site to print out sheets on each president.  I also use the Crayola site for a printout for each state as well.  Check it out!

Books we used:

Profiles of the Presidents, Ulysses S. Grant; by Robin S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, Rutherford B. Hayes; by Robin S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, James A. Garfield; by Robin S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, Benjamin Harrison; by Robin S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, William McKinley; by Robins S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, William H. Taft; by Robin S. Doak
Profiles of the Presidents, Warren G. Harding; by Robin S. Doak
Chief Tecumseh; by Anne M. Todd
Little Sure Shot, The Story of Annie Oakley; by Stephanie Spinner
Bull’s Eye, A Photo-biography of Annie Oakley; by Sue Macy

What I loved most about Ohio, was the state mottos “With God, all things are possible.”   Looking at the amounts of presidents, inventors and industries in that 43,000 square mile area, it would appear that God has blessed them, for honoring Him!

Language Arts:   We worked through several more lessons in First Language Lessons.  We also worked on the poem “Mr. Nobody” and identified some of the areas in our home that “Mr. Nobody” is given credit for…ahem.

Science:  Fish was the main topic this week.  We identified various characteristics of fish and pointed out a few with odd traits.   We used an empty water bottle and a tub of water to replicate the way the amount of air in the air bladder allows the fish to stay afloat at different levels in the water.

Latin:  Finished up a few animal names this week.  Next week will be a review week, as I’m quite certain we didn’t fully “get” it.

Ballet/Tap:  Both girls are doing well and loving their dance lessons.   Olivia will be gearing up for the performance awards shortly.

Awana:  We’re almost finished the book for the year in each girls class.  I’m thinking we’ll slow down…a LOT now.  I don’t want to buy the review book and not get through it, so we’ll take our time now.

Olivia’s independent work was as follows:

Math:  I’m SO happy that Olivia is not struggling with the concept of multiplication!   It had me worried, but she’s understanding it and memorizing the facts well.

Reading/Writing:   Olivia is continuing to work her way through All Kinds of Animals.  She’s really enjoyed reading this one, and has learned quite a few little facts about various creatures.  I’m liking that she’s wanting to read and that she’s writing her review answers in complete sentences.

Piano:  Olivia and the piano instructor picked our four pieces for her upcoming recital.  She’s worked hard all week and I think she’ll do fabulously.

Lindsey’s independent work was as follows:

Math:  New topics this week included counting by five’s, the nickel and recognizing/spelling the names of numbers through seven.

Reading:   We’re working on special sounds such as sh, tr, br and pl.  Lindsey is doing great with each, but gets a bit sloppy with noticing long and short vowels when she’s reading.  So we’ll practice more in that area.

Writing:   Lindsey’s cursive writing is wonderful.  She’s very neat.  This week we practiced sentences and writing some of the words with special sounds.

We only have 63 days of school left!

To see how everyone else did, visit the Weekly Wrap Up.

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