Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Indiana

I swear it seems like the weekly wrap ups are coming a lot closer together!!  Maybe it’s just me and my world is spinning at some break neck speed, but somehow I don’t believe that.  Anyone else feeling the time crunch?

Now back to wrapping up!

We had a really good week.  On Monday, Olivia had a 6 month post-op meeting with the ENT.  She has been having some hearing issues again, so we’re keeping a diary of complaints and going back in another 6 weeks for yet another hearing test.

Wednesday we had an ice and snow storm combo.  Lots of cool play time outside (no pun intended).  However that also meant that piano and Awana were both cancelled for the week.  So an added bonus was an extra evening at home..go me!

We covered all the general things as usual.   I added vocabulary work to Olivia’s daily work schedule.  She’s really having fun looking up words in the dictionary, go figure.  

Science was fun this week as we studied about birds and worked on some art work to go along with it.  Be sure to check out the photos and read all about it here.

As my headline states, we covered Indiana this week.  I did not realize that there was a large Amish population in Indiana (duh).   Nor did I know that the Amish had broken off from the Mennonites way back when.  The girls were very interested in learning more about the Amish culture and beliefs.  I’m certain a field trip will be in our near future (although due to our location, it will most likely be to Pennsylvania Amish country and not Indiana). 

Books we used:

Indiana; by Marlene Targ Brill
Amish Home; by Raymond Bial
Amish Life – Living Plainly and Serving God; by Darryl D. Jones
Down Buttermilk Lane; by Barbara Mitchell and John Sandford
Raising Yoder’s Barn; by Jane Yolen
George Rogers Clark – American General; by Michael Burgan

Both girls are currently working on stories to submit to a writing contest hosted by our local public TV station.  Lindsey’s must be a minimum of 50 words, but not more than 200.  Olivia’s word count minimum is 100, and maximum of 350.   Each entry requires at least 5 original color illustrations.  We’re working on rough drafts this week and hopefully will complete the final papers next week.

Be sure to swing by the Weekly Wrap Up and see how everyone else did this week.

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  1. The Amish are so fascinating to study. We frequently go to Amish country in Pennsylvania. I think you will enjoy your trip there.

    Kathi Sewing, Knitting, Candle Making, Homeschooling Mama

  2. What a great week! With your bird study, you might be interested in participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count this February. We've participated for about three years and always enjoy it. I'm with you: I feel like we've been scurrying at breakneck speed for a while now. I'm ready for some quieter times!

  3. One of our favorite family trips was Pennsylvania Amish Country. We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast that we found online, but it turned out to be a Dairy Farm owned by a Mennonite family - they had a guest house on their property. The rates were very reasonable and the kids had a whole farm to play on.
    Janet W


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