Friday, February 4, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Mississippi

This was another “normal” week.  No overbookings, woohoo!  The only extra thing we did was a visit to the funeral home on Thursday night to support Olivia’s baseball coach during the loss of a family member.  You may ask why that’s included in our weekly wrap up, but it was part of life skills.  I used it as an opportunity to teach them about putting the needs of others ahead of ourselves; proper behavior for solemn events and how to show God’s love to the hurting.  All that was much more valuable that our “book learning”.   

Then Olivia taught me a bit about childlike faith on the way home from the gathering.  She posed the question of whether the deceased had Jesus in his heart, and I said yes that based on what I’d been told of him he’d asked Jesus into his heart long ago, so he’s in Heaven .  After a minute or two, a big ole grin crossed her face and she said “then that means his dream finely came true”.    The 7 year old realizes that being in Heaven is something to look forward to.

Also along those same lines, Olivia was baptized on Sunday night and took part in her first communion service.  It was wonderful!  People we haven’t seen in years came to be a part of her baptism and there was a lot of restoration that took place.  God is awesome like that!

In less important matters, we studied about Mississippi.  We did our usual map, state facts, state flag, 2 page layout.  Jim Henson of Muppet fame was our famous person of the week; although Lindsey was really hoping it would be Elvis.  In addition to the books we watched a few Muppet movies.

Books we used:

Mississippi; by Pamela Dell
Mississippi; by David Shirley and Patricia K. Kummer
Must See Mississippi; by Mary Carol Miller
Jim Henson, Young Puppeteer; by Leslie Gourse
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer; by Mark Twain
The Mighty Mississippi; by Charnan Simon

We covered all of our regular subjects without problem of fanfare.   I know it’s a brief wrap up this week, but no point in dragging out a short story!  Besides, a big old package of new books from The Critical Thinking Company arrived today…and I can’t wait to look through them.  I’m sure you can relate.

So be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up while I go drool on my new products!

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  1. Nothing like a box of new books! Have fun with them.


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