Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up– Olivia Turns 8



The highlight of the week was definitely Olivia’s 8th birthday.   It’s funny, but all those little old ladies at Wal-Mart were right when they’d pass by our cart and say “enjoy your baby, she’ll be grown before you know it”.   Where on earth did 8 years go?  

Since her birthday fell on the weekend of our anniversary and Easter, we decided to have her party a week late, so I won’t have photos to share until next week.   Although I do have this lovely photo of her, still in her jammies eating chocolate cake for breakfast on her birthday! (Disregard the gift in her hand, but there was no good way to crop that photo.)


The scores for the year end standardized testing arrived this week.  Both girls scored VERY well.  So we’re chalking this year up as a definite success and moving on!

Softball and baseball are keeping us busy.   The Sparks (Olivia) have played 3 games, and lost all three….horribly so.   Moffett (Lindsey) has played 5 games, but since it’s t-ball they don’t keep score.

Notice what a great stance Olivia has when batting?  Notice the yellow blurb in the far right corner of the second photo (about a foot above her head)?   Yeah, that’s her pitch….so she’s getting walked, a lot.


There really will be photos of Lindsey playing.   I’m the “team mom” and trying to keep 13 five year olds corralled, uninjured and coherent doesn’t leave a lot of time for photo taking.   I’m working on it, k?

Wednesday night was like the made for TV movie “Night of the Twisters”.   We were under tornado watches and WARNINGS most of the night.  One after another…. It sounded like a war was taking place outside our house,  so we prayed (from the basement).   Carrying a sleeping 77 pound child down a flight of basement stairs is probably as life threatening as a tornado.   I stayed up all night, tracking the storms and tornadoes on the internet…praying for those in the path.

Thursday and Friday were a blur of activity getting party plans together.  Some ball games and the beginning of a weekend sleep over.  Olivia’s friend Abby will be with us for several days while her mom and dad run away take a little weekend excursion.

Continue to pray for all of us here in the southeast.  The material damage will slowly be repaired.  But the lives lost are irreplaceable and those left behind will take a lot of time to heal.

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  1. LOL about keeping the kids corraled! I remember when my dh coached a team of 5 year olds. His goal was to keep them all facing in the right direction during play time. And to make sure no one chewed on their glove! And you're right--they do grow up so fast. My babies are now 11. Thinking and praying for all those affected by the tornadoes.

  2. So glad that the tornadoes spared you. Softball looks like fun - enjoy!

  3. Happy birthday to your daughter! I honestly didnt realize what was in the picture till you said to ignore it :). Hey, those are a very useful gift! You know I loved the book 'Night of the Twisters,' but I hate tornadoes as an adult. I would have been beside myself that night. So glad you are safe!


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