Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–Spring Break Week #1



Ahh, a week of nothing to do….not sure who’s world that would be, but it’s certainly not mine!   I did managed to start the spring cleaning this week!   I finished the family room/class room so at least we have a nice and clean area when we start up.

Sunday evening we invited some family members over for dinner and then we all embarked on the annual egg coloring frenzy.  We did 6 dozen eggs this year. 




Monday was Olivia’s first softball game of the season.   Their uniforms arrived, with the wrong colored shorts, so they looked a bit mix and match with everyone having different colored shorts/pants on.  I’d like to say the game was stellar, and it was, for the other team.  They won 17-6, but Olivia had fun and that’s all that matters, right?

Here is a photo of the entire team.   Olivia is on the FAR left.  Notice how much smaller she is than everyone else? 


Maybe this is a better representation of her teammates size compared to her.   Yeah, number 13 claims to be 10….I’m not thoroughly convinced.


Thursday was busy!!  It was our 10 year wedding anniversary, we had Activity Day, and both girls had ball games in the evening!  Sheesh!

The girls spent the night at Mamaw’s Thursday night, all day Friday and will return on Saturday in time for a ball game.   So today the hubster and I went out to the movies and dinner and just did grown up stuff!

I hope you have had a wonderful week!  Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, and in your spare time, check out the Weekly Wrap Up!

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