Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The One With Walking Pneumonia

You know it’s going to be a long day when one of the kids wakes you up at 1am and you never get back to bed.  That was my Monday.  Lindsey was fine Sunday other than a sporadic, junky sounding cough, and she was fine when she went to bed.  At 1am she was coughing so bad she turned purple, and she even busted a blood vessel in her eye.  We were at the pediatrician’s office first thing Monday and after blood work it was determined that she had walking pneumonia.  As the doctor was writing the prescription for Lindsey, Olivia started to cough with the same wet yucky sound.  The doctor graciously wrote a prescription for her to save me a trip later in the week…he’s a good man!

This was already scheduled to be a very light last week of school.  So we didn’t do a lot.   We finished up our last 3 days of Abeka math for Olivia and Abeka math and language arts for Lindsey.

On Thursday both girls completed their year end standardized tests.  I use the CAT test, it’s simple to administer, inexpensive and the folks at Seton have a really fast turn around time!  Technically, Lindsey wouldn’t have to be tested this year since she wasn’t 6 by September 30 of this past school year.  However, I opted to test her for my own records.

We skipped softball and baseball practices early in the week to give everyone time to get feeling better.  The pediatrician said they were ok to go about their normal lives on Monday, but that just didn’t sound right to me, and I thought a little extra rest couldn’t hurt anything.  

So Olivia was back to softball on Thursday night, and ballet on Friday night.  Baseball resumes tomorrow (weather permitting) if all goes well with ballet tonight.  Olivia is 100%…Lindsey is still getting fatigued easily and I noticed she was coughing more yesterday after being outside watching Olivia practice.

That is pretty much our week.  Just finishing up a few loose ends.  We’ll be off the rest of April and then return to a much looser schedule for the summer months.   Not to worry, I will be posting about other things so don’t fear that I’ve abandoned ship!

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  1. Oh no! Sorry you had to deal with both girls being sick. Hope Lindsey is all better soon. Have a nice break!


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