Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bible in 90 Sign Up Begins Today!

Bible in 90 Days

Have you ever wanted to read the Bible from cover to cover but just haven’t gotten around to it?  Or maybe you’re feeling the nudge to spend more time in the Word and less time doing “stuff”?   Perhaps you’re looking to fast some “things” and need to replace it with something else?  Regardless of your reasons for wanting to read more of the Bible (or excuses for not), the Bible in 90 Days Challenge is an awesome tool and accountability venue.  Reading begins July 11, 2011 and runs through October 9, 2011.

I can tell you from my own past experience, just making the commitment and FOLLOWING THROUGH is a big step.  I can also tell you that the benefits reaped are amazing!  God is cool like that!

You don’t NEED to purchase anything.  But if you want to be counted and assigned to a accountability group, you do NEED to sign up.   Registration begins today, sign up here.

I’ll be a mentor this go around, so if you’d like to be in my group, just enter that information in the last question where it asks if there is any other information you would like to share.   (In case you don’t know, my full name is Joesette Huffman…grins.)

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