Thursday, June 30, 2011

HSV Garden Challenge–June Edition

HS Village Garden Challenge

My goodness it’s hard to believe that the end of June is here already!!   The gardens have gone from being bleak and lifeless…


…to lush and thriving!



We’ve already harvested all the peas, spinach and endive for the year.  A couple of the lettuces are hanging on nicely.   We have lots of green tomatoes, teeny peppers and baby squash and eggplant!

The green beans are loving their homes along the fence line.


The girls helped with harvesting the peas.


This week Olivia and Lindsey planted pumpkin seeds in the spot where the peas had been.  I’m hoping we didn’t get the seeds in the ground too late, but we’ve had an over abundance of rain again the last few weeks.




The little herb garden is doing wonderfully!  We were able to use some of our fresh basil and oregano this week in a pasta salad!


I mustn’t forget my lovely flower beds.  I rescued several abandoned Easter lilies from our church dumpster one year and planted them in with my tulips and gladiolas. The tulips are long gone for the year, the gladiolas are on their way, but now I have LOTS of lovely Easter lilies!


In the adjacent flower bed, I have a bounty of red bee balm, Shasta daisies, purple spiderwort, woods violets, gladiolas are forth coming.


My mother in law thinks we have too many things planted on our property.  I think that’s just absurd!  How can one have too much of God’s beauty??

Be sure to visit other gardens at this months HSV Garden Challenge!

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  1. I am assuming the tall plant in the back of your raised bed is corn? It looks great and big :)

  2. Be sure to bring your MIL some tomatoes or something- she might agree with you!


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