Monday, October 17, 2011

All Gods Creatures

Earlier this month we went to the Virginia Wildlife Center on a field trip.  While we were there they told us about the 168 baby squirrels that had been brought in after a hurricane blew through the state, knocking down trees and squirrel nests.

One of the items we picked up while there was a list of ways kids can help the Center. One of the ideas on the list was to collect native nuts and berries.  Berry season is long gone, but nuts are plentiful, so we hit the woods and set the girls to work.


Acorns were hard to find for some reason.  Between the two girls they collected only one grocery bag full of acorns. 


Walnuts are another story.  We ended up with nineteen bags of walnuts!


We didn’t find any hickory nuts or chestnuts.  But there should be some happy little squirrel tummies full of walnuts.  This is our first service project of the school year.

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