Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up–The One Without Sleep


I started working a third shift job this week.  My schedule is 11pm until 7am Sunday through Thursday.  This brings back memories of having a newborn in the house…minus the screeching and poopie diapers of course.

Since I wasn’t sure how coherent I’d be this week, I scheduled a light school week for us.  In addition, Monday Olivia had a follow up with the ENT about her ears.  Her tubes lasted less than 6 months from surgery.  However, we’ve been issue free for almost a year now.  This weeks hearing test showed a bit of a change from the one 6 months ago, but she has a head cold and the doctor things that was to blame as there really wasn’t any signs of a problem.   So we go back in one year and if all is well she’ll be officially done!  Thank you Jesus!

Math:  Olivia began working with dry measures (pint, peck, bushel).   Lindsey began working with liquid measures (cup, pint, quart and gallon).

Latin:  Prepositions were our topic this week, which went along great with First Language Lessons where we are also studying prepositions.

Science:  We discussed rainbows, mirrors and shadows this week and practiced creating rainbows and shadows.   I guess we could have created a mirror, but don’t tell the kids.

Extra Curricular Activities:   Ballet, tap and piano are on target.   Awana has been awesome, both girls memorizing scriptures left and right!

Ok, that’s my poor rendition of a wrap up.  I’ve been up for over 24 hours and my brain is putty.  Visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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  1. Oh, wow, I don't think I would be holding up as well as you are working overnight! I have to get my 8 hours in every night to function the next day! LOL


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