Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to School–The New Year Version


Wow, the first week of 2012 is gone!  Where is the pause button??  As I mentioned last week, we had another life altering event Christmas week, you can get all the details in this post on my other blog, S.A.H.M. I Am!

We had a productive first week back to school.  No major brain cramps on the part of the students, or the teacher, thank you Jesus!!  I’m still trying to get some sort of sleep/school/work schedule, but honestly I’m still taking cat naps here and there throughout the day. 

Math:  Lindsey is learning 2 digit addition and subtraction.  Olivia is learning about fractions.

Language Arts:   This week we finished up Year 2 of First Language Lesson.   My goal is to make some fun printable to help reinforce the definitions of parts of speech and being able to pick them out easily during reading assignments as well (diagraming here we come).

Spelling:  Lindsey is doing really well with her 1st grade spelling.  Olivia is gearing up for our local spelling bee so she’s plowing through word lists.

Latin:   This week we started learning the names of the constellations.  We'll be working on this for several weeks.

Ballet/tap/piano/choir:   Yes the extra curricular activities all started up this week.   Both girls are preparing for the Performance Awards in ballet.   Olivia also has a piano recital coming up next week.  You’ll notice we added choir to the mix.  Both girls have lovely voices and I finally persuaded (forced) Olivia to join the homeschool choir.

Awana:  Lindsey is way ahead in her 2nd year Sparks book, so there are no worries with getting her finished this year.  The first year T&T book is a little more involved for Olivia, so we’ll need to kick it up a notch.

That pretty much sums up our academic week!  Be sure to visit the Weekly Wrap Up!

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