Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Idaho Edition


We are finally back to our full school work load after  slowing down for Thanksgiving through New Year.   We added our geography/history and science back in this week.

Geography/history:   Our focus state was Idaho.  We worked on our state map, facts sheet, state quarter and our 2 page layout in our United States Coloring Book.   We learned about their main crop of potatoes (and ate them several different ways this week).  We also focused on Chief Joseph, as his people were forced onto a reservation in Idaho.

Books we used:

Idaho; by Kathy Pelta
Idaho; by Deborah Kent
Idaho; by Amy Miller
Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce; by Bill McAuliffe
Chief Joseph; by Rachel a Koestler-Grack

Science:  We learned about properties of matter, and then grouping items by the materials they are made of .  We also learned about different things that can be made from various materials. Lindsey was floored to learn that paper comes from trees!

Math:  Olivia is moving into more fraction work.  She seems to be understanding it pretty well.   Lindsey is learning to tell time to the 5 minute increments, half and one fourth and two digit addition.

Latin:  We finished out studies of the names of the constellations.  My lofty idea of printing out pages to go with our studies didn’t happen. Oh well…

Reading:   Olivia read the book “Bunny in a Basket” this week.   It was a super easy chapter book.  I thought I’d give her brain a wee break after reading “Gulliver’s Travels” and before starting “King Solomon’s Mines”.   Lindsey continues to read everything she can find in addition to her readers.

Writing:  Olivia is doing really well with her Cursive Skill Book.   She’s enjoying the writing topics and copy work, as most of it involves animals.  Although this week most of her work focused on the Canadian provinces.  Lindsey’s cursive writing is amazing!   It’s far neater and prettier than mine is!

Language Arts:  I was planning on making some cute parts of speech printables, but thankfully found these printables at the Crafty Classroom and saved myself some time.  So we’re working on our understanding of parts of speech a little more in depth.

Awana:  We are making great progress on Olivia’s book now!  There for a bit I thought we wouldn’t be able to finish it this year, but now that we’re getting into memorizing the books of the Bible she’s leaping ahead because she already has all that memorized.   Lindsey will be finishing her book way early, so I’m slowing her down some.

Ballet:   The girls are still working on their routines for the upcoming performance awards.  Olivia’s class  has started doing a lot more drills, and I can see that she’s improving.  Both girls are still in tap, but they aren’t working on it quite at much.

Choir:  I’m so glad I made the executive decision to put the girls in choir.   They really enjoy it and I can already tell a big difference in their singing.  They also had a little lesson on Johann Sebastian Bach this week.

Piano:  Olivia had her winter recital this week.  She loves getting to play on the grand piano, and it sounds so much better!   She played three selections and did a really great job on each!


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