Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Alaska Edition

Interestingly, our only significant snow fall of the year (10 inches) came on Monday as we started our study of Alaska.  Since I’d worked all night and was a bit incoherent, I sent the girls out to play with the dog in the snow while I slept, so yeah no photos.   By Tuesday much of the snow was gone and by Thursday we were in the 70’s.   Today we have sustained winds of 50+mph and tornado watches.   Crazy stuff!!

Geography:  The girls really enjoyed our study of Alaska.   They were really interested in the Northern Lights, Kodiak bears and whaling.   Although they both swore off EVER eating blubber.  Olivia also reread White Fang this week.

Books and DVD’s we used:
Alaska; by Barbara A. Somervill
Alaska; by Tamra B. Orr
Arctic Thaw, The People Who Whale in a Changing Climate; by Peter Lourie
Discoveries America, Alaska (DVD)
Balto; by Natalie Standiford
Going Rogue, An American Life; by Sarah Palin

Science:  We focused on seasons and the changes that come as the earth rotates.   Oddly, we had winter/spring all in one week here…I had 4 inches of tulips buried beneath the snow.

Latin:  We worked on conjunctions and verb sentence structure this week.  

Math:   I went back to being Olivia’s only math instructor and it went much better this week.   She’s learning lots about fractions and we made it through an entire week without any tears.  Lindsey is learning fractions too, but on a much more basic level.

Writing:   Olivia is still working through the Abeka Cursive Skill Book.  She’s really enjoying the short lessons about animals and world travels.   Lindsey’s handwriting is amazing, much neater than mine!

Reading:  As I mentioned earlier, Olivia reread White Fang this week.   Lindsey finished two of her Abeka readers, and a portion of the Old Testament.

Extra Curricular:  Ballet, tap, piano and choir are all going well.   Olivia is loving her tennis lessons as well. 

Nothing super exciting this week, just plowing through the basics.   Visit the Weekly Wrap Up to see how creative everyone else was this week.

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  1. The Alaska study sounds super fun! Are you following a curriculum or just putting state studies together on your own??

    1. We are using Cantering the Country. We've been working through the 50 states the last 3 school years and will be wrapping it up in two weeks. (We have Hawaii and we somehow skipped Washington state so we hav to go back and do that.)

  2. Love a good snow fall but we don't get much here in Oklahoma :)! Curious . . . what are you using for Latin? This is something we want to introduce in the fall but I'm struggling to locate a good resource.

    1. We are using Prima Latina this year. You can buy a CD for the pronunciations which is a big help. This year they also offer a copy book that would be a big help. If your child likes music you might also try Song School Latin. Hope that helps!!


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