Thursday, April 19, 2012

Activity Day–Calamity Jane

One of the girls in my class asked if I could teach on a famous woman who hunted and fished.   The only woman who came to mind was Sarah Palin.   However, I didn’t want to take the risk of appearing “political” with my 7 and 8 year old girls.  So I turned to the internet. When you start to Google “famous woman hunters” you get all kinds of CRAZY things.   So changing it to “famous women who hunted” didn’t help, but gave me a different level of crazy.    So I asked around, and came up with the ideas of either Annie Oakley or Calamity Jane.  

I went with Calamity because she was a hunter and scout for the army.   Too bad I didn’t also realize she was a hard drinking woman who was a little too “loose” until last night when I was reading her life story.    Ahem…so we talked about her early life and her hunting as a child and then moved on to hunting, fishing, tracking animals and hunter safety.

I found a few animal track printables.  So we learned to identify some familiar animals.  We also did a few matching games.   Then we took this new found knowledge outside and found some squirrel, dog and cat tracks.    This activity was a big hit!

Unfortunately, I still haven’t replaced my camera so there are no photos of this weeks events.  But trust me, we had fun!

Books we used:

Calamity Jane, Her Life and Her Legend; by Doris Faber
Legends of the West, Calamity Jane; by Sara Gilbert
North American Game Animals; by David R. Maas
Animal Tracks & Signs; by Jinny Johnson
Explore the Outdoors, Hunting, Have Fun, Be Smart; by Jack Weaver
Outdoor Adventure Hunting; by Adam G. Klein
Hook, Line & Seeker; by Jim Arnosky

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