Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Retirement Edition

This was officially my last week of work, thank  you Jesus!!  Now I can get back to life as normal, and maybe even get a little sleep!

Sunday evening Olivia had her spring piano recital.  She did a great job.  It’s always funny how much better she does with music, dancing and singing when she in front of a crowd instead of just home.   I did take photos, but uh….I’m not sure where the camera landed.   I’ll add those photos at some point.

Lindsey had two baseball games this week.  Unfortunately she had a horrible stomach virus the day of the first game, so we were home hugging the trash can.  We were expecting a pretty significant storm today, which of course hit midway through the 2nd inning of the game and we were all soaked as we scrambled to get everyone back to the car.

I was supposed to be a vendor at a local used curriculum sale today.  But after NO sleep on Thursday, followed by an 8 hour shift, 2.5 hour nap and a 90 minute exit interview with work I didn’t trust myself to drive 40 minutes with the kids in the van.   So, anyone want to buy some books?

I know we did more than that this week.  However, I’m sneezy, snuffed up and extremely tired right now.  So it’s all a bit fuzzy at the moment.  

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