Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Wrap Up–The Slimey Edition

Interesting title, eh?    I bet many of you came over just to see what all the slime was about, didn’t you?    Well, after sitting on my shelf for over a year we finally opened the Slimey Chemistry set we bought for $1 at a thrift store.


I’m not sure how long it had been sitting on someone else’s shelf before we bought it.  Some of the chemicals had dried up, evaporated or hardened.   Thankfully there was enough of what we needed to make two really cool “things”.

The first compound is called a “Starch Goober” (at least in this chemistry set).  We used liquid laundry starch and sodium tetra borate to make this love blue polymeric blob.  Translation, it’s a thicker version of a non-Newtonian matter.


We of course made a plain old non-Newtonian substance with plain old corn starch and water.  It’s both a solid and a liquid simultaneously. 


The absolute favorite was our “flubber”.   A mixture of polyvinyl alcohol and sodium tetra borate combined to make this amazingly fun slime that is more than 98% water.



So yeah, we have some interesting things stored in zip-lock bags in our fridge for further play.   Truth be told, the green one really was kind of neat to play with!

In addition to creating green slime, the girls completed swimming lessons this week.  Olivia advanced to the next level.  Lindsey will be repeating the same level again…she’s a wee bit afraid of the water and it inhibits her ability to stay alive, I mean afloat.   Olivia had to dive off both diving boards to pass the class.  She did fine with both.  Lindsey made it off the lower one, but after a good 60 seconds of stone statue panic, she was retrieved from the taller diving board.   These would have made great photos, had I taken the camera.  However, I was standing by to retrieve any floundering child in the 13 foot end of the pool, along with every other mother, save one…who’s child almost drowned the life guard…nuff said.

Our local park has live, FREE music every weeknight during the summer. The girls and I went down each night.  Monday was big band, Tuesday is praise in the park, Wednesday is bluegrass and Thursday is jazz night.  Fridays are free movie nights, but we didn’t want to see the movie that was playing.

I went school supply shopping this week.  Both girls have all their co-op supplies packed into their backpacks and ready for September.  I also started working on our calendar and schedule for the upcoming year.  I should have all of that completed tonight as long as I stay away from Facebook and Pinterest!

We also visited the library, the girls went to a one day music camp at church and we completed our Home Art Studio review.  I highly recommend this program, be sure to read my review!

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  1. Totally awesome week!

    I need to get my little one into swim lessons one of these days.


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