Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dinosaur Unit Study

Ok, here is my disclaimer on our study.  In our dinosaur unit study we didn’t attempt to debunk any scientist speculations, nor did we necessarily agree with them.  So what we did, was went with as much of a Biblical based study as possible.  Dinosaurs were obviously here, at some point created during the sixth day of creation along with all the other creatures.  What happened after that is sketchy at best.  As Ken Ham points out, no one alive today was alive then, so we’re going on scientific guesses.  However, anything that involved evolution was pointed out as being false according to the Bible which is our families measuring stick.

Now on with our unit!

Here are some of the really awesome resources I found at last year’s used curriculum sale.


Inside the above box was a really cool dinosaur skeleton to punch out and assemble…too bad there were no instructions (gah).  We did finally get the pieces laid out and were like real paleontologists trying to figure out what we were doing.

Dinosaur Unit 010

Dinosaur Unit 013

I think “Bob” (as he was named) turned out pretty good, considering.

The Dinosaur Park book below had fold out diorama scenes, and foldable dinosaurs that can be put back inside after being played with.  This one got hours of use, and still does.



I found these great resources at the Dollar Tree.  The circular one has dinosaur information listed on it based on what dinosaur you line the arrow up with.


Olivia is a dinosaur fanatic…and a dance fanatic as well.  My goodness she has rhythm, and can really bust a move.  So I absolutely HAD to incorporate this video into our unit study!

Dinosaur Stomp

We worked that video in every day, several times a day.  Even my husband got sucked into it.  And yes, we really do homeschool in our pj’s a lot…as you’ll see throughout this post.

Dinosaur Unit 037

Dinosaur Unit 051Dinosaur Unit 053

Dinosaur Unit 054Dinosaur Unit 058

I combined a couple of different forms, graphs and study aids to create our own dinosaur books.  I found a great dinosaur unit on Cindy Downes’ site.  Some of the links have expired, but there are still lots of good resources to be found there.  We also incorporated some of the elements from the Homeschool Share Dinosaur Unit.    The stickers are from the Dollar Tree…pretty cool huh?

Dinosaur Unit 009Dinosaur Unit 004Dinosaur Unit 001

We used Sculpey to make our own dinosaurs, it’s obviously not our gifted area.

Dinosaur Unit 034

Dinosaur Unit 035

Books & DVD’s we used:

Dinosaurs Genesis & the Gospel (DVD); by Ken Ham & Buddy Davis
The Great Dinosaur Mystery; by Ken Ham
Dinosaurs for Kids; by Ken Ham
Baby Dinosaurs – Eggs, Nests and Recent Discoveries; by Thom Holmes and Laurie Holmes (contains evolution)
Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones; by Byron Barton
Digging Up Bones; by Aliki
Dinosaur Discovery – Everything You Need to Know to be a Paleontologist; by Chris McGowan
Bigger Than T. Rex – The Discovery of Giganotosaurus; by Don Lessem
Dinosaurs; by Rachel Firth
Let’s Draw Dinosaurs; by Gary Shipman
Dinosaur World; by Don Lessem
3D World Dinosaur Park
DK Action Pack Dinosaur;

Finally, here’s how dinosaurs live in our home, in happy herds, with accessories.


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  1. Heh, heh, love the accessories! Came over from Kris's showcase because we are studying dinosaurs right now. So far all we've done is read some books, make playdough dinos and footprints, measure out a large dinosaur outside and "hatch dinosaur eggs" (little figures frozen in ice). I may have to implement a couple of your ideas--thanks for sharing! :)


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